5 Cult Themed Slots to Play Online

Slot game makers have always drawn inspiration from Hollywood and TV, because both worlds share one underlying purpose – entertainment. I think we would all rather play a themed slot game that resembled something we are interested in rather than a generalised theme, it just adds to the excitement, you can find these slot games at Mega Reel! Apart from providing players with the opportunity to win life-changing jackpots or make some side income, slots also have to be exciting and entertaining to attract players, and what better ways to give people some thrills than classic cult movies and television shows?

Cult-themed pokies are increasing in number every year and with all the mobile ready sites found a few taps away you are really spoiled for choice when it comes to finding where to play them. But before you do, you should keep in mind that you have two playing options: you can either play them for free in trial modes, or play them for real money in one of the many mobile casinos. If you’re interested in the latter, you can firstly find out more about pokies at mobile pokies guide, or check out these top 10 casino app offers, to make sure you understand the basics. Once you do, you can sit back and have some classic fun at these top cult-themed slots:

Terminator 2

The only thing better then a Terminator slot game is a Terminator 2 slot game made by one of the best slot game makers – Microgaming. The 1991 movie was one of the rare sequels in film history that lived up to the glory of the previous film and some fans of the franchise might even say that it surpassed it. Whatever the subjective opinion, this slot game brings everything that we loved about the movie.

The Terminator 2 has 5 reels full of card suits, Terminators, Connors, movie gifs, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic one-liners played as you spin the wheels. Take that and add T-1000’s transformations into any symbol and T-800’s target scanning for rewards, and you get one cult slot that you’ll hardly stop playing.

Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone fans rejoice, as this iSoft slot will take you back to the role which defined her movie career and catapulted her across a sea of fantasies and spoofs of the monumental interrogation scene. The 5-reels of this classic slot are full of sport cars, guns, ice-picks, handcuffs and police badges, which will remind you more about the criminal tone of the film than its more provocative imagery. This means that you shouldn’t expect to have the cult movie scene replayed in the slot game as its bonus features won’t let you fully enter the film’s domain. But still, the slot offers plenty of fun and its theme will forever make sure that it remains as one of the best cult-themed slots online.


The Sopranos slot by PlayTech will let you enter the family world of one of the most dangerous garbage-disposal businesses in the world. The slot is a must for any fan of one of the most successful TV shows in the 90s, because it is a perfect combination of the key visuals of the show and exciting slot features.

The Sopranos is a 5-reeled game where you can find Tony, Paulie, Christopher, and Johnny among the spinning symbols, accompanied by red wine, chips, cigars and gold watches – classic! The game also has a random Raid Bonus feature where you will hide you money envelopes in places you think the cops won’t raid, as well as the Stolen Goods Bonus where you’ll pick a container to win prizes. However, the best thing about the slot is still the Crime Family games where you can choose to play individual Boss, Capo, Family and Soldier levels. With all those classic features in it, you’ll definitely not “forget about it” for a long time.


Brian De Palma’s 1983 masterpiece is an endless source of inspiration to both movie makers and game developers, and Net Ent’s slot has taken that inspiration and turned it into an amazing cult game. Scarface’s 5 reels are full of card symbols and character’s faces and the slot has two bonus levels, each taking you back to a cult setting in the movie. The first is the Free Spins Bonus were you’ll enter the Babylon Club and get free spins to the sound of the soundtrack, and the second is the Say Hello to my Little Friend level, where you’ll see the beginning of the grand finale and enter a game where you’ll shoot enemies away, winning a prize with each kill. If there’s any great homage to this monumental film, it’s this slot.


Ok, so this is an offer you can’t really refuse. Virgin’s licensed Godfather slot is all about the cult movie, with reels full of digital recreations of the major characters from the first film, spaghetti and meatballs, guns, and red wine, but also the Gordon Willis lighting and some of the most unique reward features that stay very faithful to the film.

The Godfather slot is packed with impressive bonus levels like the Wedding Free Spins Bonus where you can progress through layers of cake until you can cut it, the Family Feature where the godfather will gather Brasi and Tattaglia to get you some big wins, as well as the Money Feature where you’ll get your own offer by the Don and a chance to win some more. Is there anything else you would expect from a Godfather slot?