4 Popular Podcast Genres

4 Popular Podcast Genres

In recent years, podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of digital media. Many people find that podcasts are an efficient way to pass time on long car rides or serve as an alternative to watching TV. Podcasts became especially popular throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people found themselves isolated in their homes and missing human conversation, which podcasts effectively simulate through their often laid-back, conversational nature. Some find that podcasts are a great way to stay entertained while doing tasks like cleaning their house or doing work at the office. The most popular place to listen to podcasts is in the car. A more entertaining alternative to talk radio, podcasts tell stories that keep drivers and passengers alike entertained on their daily commute or on long trips. Podcasts have a way of making even the most monotonous tasks entertaining. Whether you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on your evening commute or on your way to Northwest Surgery Center for a procedure, the right podcast can take your mind off of whatever tasks are burdening you.

No matter what kind of media you like to consume or what stories/information you want to hear, there is a podcast out there for you. Some of the most popular genres of podcasts include:

True Crime

One of the most popular podcast genres is true crime. Most popular among women, true crime podcasts tell the tales of murders, abductions, or other crimes both solved and unsolved, often using elements of humor to offset the dark tones of the stories. Podcasts often feature law enforcement officials or family members of victims to paint a clear picture of both popular and lesser-known crimes


Many comedians and comedy enthusiasts would argue that comedy podcasts have replaced traditional stand-up style comedy in recent years. Often hosted by a stand-up comedian, comedy-style podcasts often feature celebrity guests that partake in funny interviews, challenges, or storytelling segments.


Political podcasts focus on politics and current events. Most aim to either spread information or provide commentary on what is happening in the news or major political or cultural events. Guests on these podcasts often include journalists, historians, politicians, or members of their teams.


Fiction podcasts tell a story that is created by an author or team of authors and is often portrayed as a real story or retelling of real events. A popular subgenre is science fiction, which most often focuses on futuristic or imaginative advances in science or high levels of technology and their impact on society as we know it.


Podcasts can be a great way to stay educated or informed on a variety of topics, or just a great way to stay entertained while breaking up the routine of sitting in front of a TV or screen to follow a story. Most podcasts are available for free on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud, so check out a popular podcast from one of these genres!