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100 Things That Make Me Smile

by Reza B (writer), West Hollywood, September 29, 2010

Credit: Rez B
Just Smile

I believe the title does an adequate job summarizing my piece.

It’s about 90 degrees now—I feel like I’m sitting underneath a very fat man who’s breathing on me at a steady humid rate. I’m on my balcony watching Hollywood shimmer in the summer heat (unfortunately it’s technically fall) and I realize how much I love my view. My dog is sleeping next to my feet; she always seems to be sleeping, but I love her nonetheless. No matter how bad my day is, my view and my dog always put a smile on my face—I feel like people, including myself, have forgotten how many things there are to make us smile; like we’ve lost perspective.

In the last nine-years I’ve watched my country be attacked, then witnessed the invasion of one, and then another nation, seen people make and then lose millions in the blink of an eye, and now I’m faced with the latest—in what seems to be an endless procession—indicator of the waning spirit of the United States and our slipping position on the global list of VIPs.

So I want to write something to put a smile on my face and yours. To remind you, me, and the world of what it means to be happy—despite circumstances and perception.

Here’s a list of things that make me smile, that remind me life is beautiful, humanity is magnificent, and things will be alright, no matter how bleak they may seem:

  1. A random phone call from an old friend
  2. My parents
  3. Zina Bella
  4. Sharing stories around a Hookah into the wee hours of the night with friends in Lake Arrowhead
  5. Dessert wine
  6. New friends
  7. Old friends
  8. Friends I haven’t discovered yet
  9. Evite invitations
  10. “Home” by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
  11. Physics
  12. Babies tasting ice cream for the first time
  13. Babies tasting lemons for the first time
  14. Babies tasting just about anything for the first time
  15. Looking through old Yearbooks
  16. Rain from that lonely cloud on a sunny day
  17. Leaving home
  18. Coming home
  19. Getting lost
  20. Finding what I’m looking for
  21. Drinking tea while I read a good book
  22. Good music played loud
  23. Walking through Bourbon Street on a Muggy Summer’s night and breaking into a spontaneous street dance with dozens of strangers
  24. Humble people
  25. Smart people
  26. Friendly people
  27. Watching strangers help each other
  28. Helping strangers
  29. Movie marathons
  30. Making people feel good about themselves
  31. Cartoons
  32. Demonstrations
  33. Watching friends hook up with people they’ve lusted after for months/years
  34. Sleeping in
  35. Waking up before the suns up
  36. Riding a Harley through an empty canyon road
  37. Listening to people’s stories
  38. Free samples
  39. Video games
  40. Crowded parties
  41. Intimate dinners
  42. Fires on a cold night
  43. Cooking for friends
  44. Driving really fast
  45. Driving really slow
  46. Watermelon on a hot day
  47. Hot chocolate on a cold day
  48. Mixing drinks
  49. Thunder storms
  50. Upgrades
  51. Starry nights
  52. Full Moons
  53. Snow
  54. Trains
  55. Getting a truck driver to honk his horn because I’m pumping my arm
  56. People who ride scooters with authority
  57. Creativity
  58. Puzzles
  59. Monopoly
  60. A really fantastic work of art
  61. Being early
  62. Leaving late
  63. Being able to watch the sun set
  64. Being able to watch the sun rise
  65. Psychics
  66. Deeper discounts
  67. HDTV
  68. Giving awards
  69. Getting awards
  70. Saying thank you, and meaning it
  71. Being thanked, when I know it’s sincere
  72. Bonding
  73. Riding my skateboard
  74. Birthdays
  75. Pool parties
  76. Getting very buzzed
  77. Sexting
  78. Mobile uploads
  79. Having your friend pass out on your arm and then humiliating them in cyberspace
  80. Passing out and being humiliated in cyberspace
  81. Laughing at others, but telling them I’m laughing with them
  82. Laughing at myself, but secretly plotting revenge
  83. Hot dogs
  84. Greasy food
  85. Chocolate pudding
  86. Neon signs
  87. London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong
  88. Not having to wear a suit
  89. Being truly grateful
  90. Something sexy
  91. Being sexy
  92. Sex
  93. Love
  94. Three’s Company, Dukes of Hazard, Transformers, and GI Joe
  95. Technology
  96. Heated debates
  97. Knowing I’m right, but admitting I’m wrong
  98. Keeping my inner-child happy
  99. Reviving other peoples’ inner-child
  100. Writing this list

I hope that now that you’ve read this list, you’ll add to it, forward it to your friends and let them add to it, and help create a list that stretches on forever and blocks out the negativity, cynicism, and despair that we sometimes use to paint our reality.

Now smile!

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By TonyBerkman on December 05, 2011 at 01:12 am

Sexting? Seriously!?

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