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Do it now

by SZU (writer), Karachi (Pakistan), September 28, 2010

love , death , life , hate , hurt

When she wanted him to know she won't live forever.

If you wish to scar me

Do it now

Injure my feelings?

Do it now

Make me jealous?

Do it now.

Ridicule my concern?

Do it now.

Turn your back on me?

Do it now.

Take me for granted?

Do it now.

If you want... then hurt me deep

Try and put me to an eternal sleep

It’s a race with time, so do it fast

And make sure, for good it lasts

I know you’ve given your heart away

I know it’s nomore my game to play

I know you don’t love me but try and feign

Cuz there will never be …a me again

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