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Inspired By Obama & Looking Towards The Future

by AmyO (writer), Marin County, August 29, 2008

Let's Keep the Momentum going...

The Democratic Convention was quite the event this week. It is hard to see how the Republicans can top what the Democrats have done. But I am sure they will resort to their negative tactics and fear-mongering to try and reverse all the excitement and inspiration from this week.

Obama amazed me last night. He said everything he needed to say and told John McCain “If you want to debate on temperament and judgement, that is a debate I will show up for.” It was what people who doubted him needed to hear. Anyone who doesn’t think he is ready to lead needs to look at the past 8 years and see what this administration has done to our country. We need a change. We DESERVE a change. And it’s time we took our country back.

The days previous in the convention were just as strong. On the first night of the Democratic National Convention, despite what the news media said, I was truly inspired by Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama's addresses (which were the only ones I could see since the media outlet I chose to watch decided to talk and analyze through the speeches during the early part of the day) I must have been watching something different than this channel was because the negative analysis provided was just ridiculous.

Michelle Obama's speech was also inspiring and represented the true American Dream. Her story was one that Americans of all walks of life can relate to, and the Obamas are people that anyone can relate to, definitely more so than John and Cindy McCain. People can be as pessimistic and negative as they want about what she said, but at the end of the day, she told Americans how working hard and pushing yourself can lead to great things. Look what she and her husband have created. You can say whatever about them personally, but there is no question that they have come a very long way and opened doors for many others in the process.

Hillary and Bill Clinton's speeches did the job they were meant to do. Despite their own personal feelings, they said what they needed to say to convince people (for the most part) that this country needs a Democrat in the White House. I know this is politics and I know many Americans will not believe them and are still bitter that Hillary didn't get the nomination, but for now let's celebrate what has been accomplished this year - a woman was a major candidate for president and an African American IS the Democratic nominee and hopefully the next president of the United States. What an exciting time in America.

Shame on the news media and the Republicans for trying to take away from what the Democrats have done this week. Heaven forbid that there actually be an election that is won without manipulating the public with ridiculous candidate attacks and fear-mongering. I am a Democrat (in case you couldn't tell) so my opinions are obviously somewhat biased, but it was nice to see the first night of the convention open in such a positive way. And every night since was better.

The news media that was saying the first night wasn't a harsh enough attack on the Republicans etc. were doing the exact opposite of what was meant to be accomplished. The rest of the week has gotten down to more of the issues and “negativity” that the media so loves to jump on board with. But for the first night, it was a nice surprise to actually be inspired by American politics for the first time in a long time.

I hope the remaining Democrats who are still unconvinced by Obama can see past their own feelings and focus on the issues and our countries future.

As a young, female democrat, I am excited for what is possible if America chooses a new course to follow. I know that I am not going to let the media or the Republicans take that hope away from me by falling for the dirty politics and old tricks. I just hope I am not the only one who feels this way.

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By AmyO on August 31, 2008 at 09:08 pm

I find it interesting that you would say McCain's surprise choice dominated the news cycle on Friday. Were you actually listening to what most people thought about his choice? How can you call him a qualified candidate when he picked a self described "Hockey Mom" as his running mate? But I guess the Republican motto has always been there is no such thing as bad publicity. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has turned its backs on us BECAUSE of all the bad publicity the Bush administration has provided. I guess you don't support people actually being inspired by politics for the first time in a long time. That is too bad. You can think I am star struck or "obamasing" because I support Obama's candidacy, but I would rather vote for him and watch our country fix the mess that its currently in than be ignorant and vote for McCain. 

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