Importance Of IAM In Driving Business And Revenue

Importance Of IAM In Driving Business And Revenue


Compliance, governance, and security are all important aspects of a business. Even though cybercriminals are often one step ahead in their attacks, there are certain measures that companies can take to ensure they're protected against cybercrime.

IAM systemshelp you better manage your workforce by having them log in with their domain credentials versus using an individual username and password for each application they use. This process helps ensure compliance because it allows IT departments to enforce policies across the board on how users can interact with applications or data sets.

This blog post will help you understand an IAM system and what it can do for your business.

What is an IAM system?

Identity and access management (IAM) is one of the best cyber risk management solutions for businesses looking to expand their digital footprint without losing security. It can be understood as the bridge between IT, security, and the end-user. It provides visibility into your systems, accounts, data sets, and users to help protect against threats like ransomware or insider attacks.

Importance of Identity Access Management (IAM) System

According to a survey, 90% of cybersecurity consultants claim identity & access management software is the key cyber risk management strategy organizations should focus on.

Previously, IT professionals had to assign multiple passwords across all systems and devices – making it easy for cybercriminals to crack – and manage. Without an effective identity and access control system, cybercriminals are free to exploit vulnerabilities in your network, applications, and data. Such breaches can wreak havoc on your business revenue and reputation.

Methods cybercriminals use to access sensitive data include:

  • Phishing emails, in which cybercriminals can pose as company employees requesting passwords or confidential information
  • Back-door attacks through vulnerabilities left by old systems or software
  • Malware viruses that can provide cybercriminals with full access to your network, applications, and data
  • Malware viruses that can provide cybercriminals with full access to your network, applications, and data

These cyber risks are often combined with social engineering or business email compromise scams.

Benefits of IAM Systems for Businesses

Efficient cyber risk management can benefit your company in multiple ways like increased productivity and costs through innovation, stronger customer loyalty and retention, faster processing speed of applications, and lower operational costs, resulting in higher revenue.

In addition to the above, the following benefits are the major reasons why your organization needs an IAM system -

Increase your users and website visitors

If your company is B2B or B2C, you're always thinking about how to get new people on board. Changing login is one of the most effective but frequently neglected strategies for achieving conversions. Single sign-on and social login may significantly impact how many individuals register – by as much as a 20% boost in conversion rate.

Then there's the prospect of integrating across platforms for SSO and the difficulties that may arise from social login. You'll need a solid identity and access management solution (IAM) to provide a good login experience that converts consumers.

Keeping your data safe

An increasing number of businesses are establishing an online presence through websites and apps. It's scary to think about login security, and we often hear about breaches, but it can be hard to find a way around this problem.

When you outsource your identity management, your login will be as secure as possible. You can't spend every second of every day ensuring that your login is the most secure, but an IAM firm does. That way, you may sleep well knowing that your and your customer’s data is safe at all times.

Boosting your marketing efforts

Having a clear picture of your consumers' interests, behaviors, and desires to develop marketing materials that catch their attention is the key to selling and upselling your product.

The issue is that a customer's information is often spread across several platforms. You could have one platform for analytics, one for email marketing, and one place where you save login data, for example. The more you use consumer information, the more platforms you'll need.

The only thing missing is the ability to combine all of this data into a strong, information-rich profile. You can simplify the procedure of developing a profile by automating login information transfers with IAM.

Staying updated with security trends

Whether it's the newest social sign-in or the most recent security procedure, you must stay updated on the finest logging techniques. You must migrate from one version of login (passwordless logins, for example) to the current version.

There's a lot of cutting-edge technology to take in, and most of it has the potential to revolutionize how we log into our regular accounts and devices. It means being ready to utilize biometric data, and more integrated gadgets like the Internet of Things grow rapidly.

Smooth and streamlined workflow

When you must connect different systems to conduct business, logging in might be time-consuming for your employees. For small businesses, synchronizing all systems for an easy login may be tough due to insufficient time or resources. For bigger firms, syncing many employee credentials and the permissions you must oversee can be daunting. And that's without even getting into industry requirements.

With IAM solutions, you may simplify your internal processes by providing a single sign-on for all of your employees. Employees will access all of their necessary systems with just one login and password, allowing them to stay logged in on multiple platforms throughout the day. It streamlines the workflow and reduces the time needed to get things done.


An IAM system can help businesses with cyber risk management while boosting productivity at the same time. It's time to put cyber threats at bay and protect both customers' and employees' data by choosing an identity management solution that fits your business needs.