25 Birthday Gift Ideas for Men He'll Love

25 Birthday Gift Ideas for Men He'll Love

Men are notoriously tough to shop for, but we’re here to help. Whether you’re searching for a gift for your brother, dad, boyfriend or husband, our ultimate gift guide is what you need.

1. A star map

A custom star map that features how the sky looked on a certain date at a certain time is an incredibly awesome gift. Which date to choose? It’s up to you. For instance, it can be his date of birth or the day you first met, kissed, or married if we’re speaking about your BF or hubby. What is more, you can add a meaningful quote to the map, which makes this gift really personal and unique.

2. A hot air balloon ride

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If he seems to have literally everything, don’t give him things, give him emotions and scenic views! A hot air balloon ride is a breathtaking adventure he’ll never forget.

3. A gift that keeps on giving

There’s a perfect way to give a gift that can make him happy every month, and it’s men's monthly boxes we’re talking about. Choose the box that best meets his needs and interests, and he’ll be happy like a kid. The variety of men’s boxes is overwhelming: you can find stuff to fit any age and preferences.

4. A poster

If he is a fan of …anything, get him a poster featuring what he’s passionate about: a football club, a movie/series, a country, a dish, an animal, or whatever else. This way, you’ll show that you care, and the man will proudly showcase your gift in his living room.

5. A travel mug

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That’s a really practical gift, so if your man is a tough tea/coffee drinker, you may be sure that your gift will be used. A travel mug keeps its content at the right temperature, so your b-day boy can use it anywhere, whenever he feels like having a hot drink.

6. Outdoor pizza oven

If he loves cooking and throwing parties in the backyard, he’ll be on cloud nine about getting an outdoor pizza oven. We’re sure that the man in your life will make the most delicious pizza in the universe.

7. A deck chair

Everyone likes chilling out, so he’ll definitely be glad to get a comfy deck chair to relax with style.

8. A turntable

Without any doubt, a turntable is the type of gift that will get the music lover in your life to love you forever.

9. A LEGO set

It’s time to reveal a secret: all men remain kids deep inside. If you want to see tears of happiness in his eyes, get a LEGO set for him. By the way, LEGO bricks are no longer toys for kids only, just take a look at their marvelous 18+ collection.

10. A fitness ring

Give your techie a fitness ring that tracks fitness levels, heart rate, and quality of sleep.

11. An e-reader

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Even if he is already an e-reader owner, he’ll be thrilled to bits about upgrading to a waterproof, lighter and thinner design with more storage, such as Amazon’s bestseller.

12. A bathrobe

We guess no one hates bathrobes, so your birthday boy will be absolutely happy to receive such a cozy gift.

13. A portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker

Give a music lover in your life a smart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker so the party can move with him.

14. A weekend at a spa

Treat him to a weekend at a spa, we’re sure he deserves it. Without any doubt, it’s a wonderful pampering gift to your loved one. And don’t forget that it’s better to relax together.

15. 3-in-1 wireless charging stand

Finally, they’ve invented it! Shop for a three-in-one device that can simultaneously charge his iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, and you’ll receive all the birthday boy’s love!

16. A multitool

Even if he doesn’t need it, almost every guy wants a multitool to have it on hand when the moment comes.

17. A robot vacuum

Although robot vacuums aren’t enough to keep the entire home clean, they are perfect when it comes to keeping it looking neat on days when he’s super busy. Undoubtedly, your birthday boy will appreciate this gift.

18. A dream

Sounds interesting, right? What we mean is that many people have dreams they delay all the time. What if you help his dream come true, at least a little bit? Maybe he wants to learn to dance the samba, and you can be his partner? Or maybe he wants to try painting, so why not give him a set of art supplies? Or maybe he wants to start a business but can’t decide what to sell? BTW, we’ve got an idea inspired by one of the items on our list: a subscription business, and Subbly can become his ideal partner.

19. A coffee machine

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A great gift for a coffee lover in your life, indeed. He’ll be deeply thankful.

20. A hardcover photo book

This is the most sentimental gift on the list. Fill it with pictures that really matter to him.

21. A football ticket

Dealing with a football fan? Look no further because we’re sure he'll go crazy over a ticket to an important match.

22. A leather wrap bracelet

If the birthday boy is obsessed with jewelry, a woven leather bracelet is likely to win his heart.

23. A backpack

Another practical item on our list that will surely be used by him. Fair enough, as a backpack works as a gym bag, commuter bag, or weekend bag.

24. A gravity blanket

By giving a gravity blanket, you’re giving not just a blanket, but also the sweetest dreams. Put an end to his tossing and turning days! A weighted blanket helps improve mood and promote sleep and relaxation. A perfect gift, what can we say.

25. A wallet

A leather wallet shows that you care about him enough to notice that he hasn't bought a new wallet in a few years.