Guide to promote your charity cause on Women's day

Guide to promote your charity cause on Women's day

Guide to promote your charity cause on Women’s day

Women’s day is a day celebrated for women all around the world. It is a day for awareness and celebration of women’s problems and achievements. In the 1900s, women who were exploited in any way came together as a movement to demand equal rights. Hence, New York hosted the first women’s day in 1913, and it has been celebrated all around the globe ever since.

It is observed by people around the world that it is their right to help others who are in need, and charities are one way of helping the needy and neglected. It is mostly the women who face gender discrimination, but it can be either a man or a woman in need. A charity cause on women’s day is a way to ensure that people are willing to help not only the women but anyone who is fighting the injustices against them.

Although people are ready to help, there is still the need to make them aware of the charity cause so that they know where to contribute. To gather a handsome amount, your task should be to spend the least while accumulating maximum charity. Therefore, follow the guide below and promote your charity cause in the best way.

Social media

Social media is an extremely powerful tool to propel your charity cause to the world. It is relatively cheaper with outrageous benefits when you use it to promote your cause.

However, just signing up to your social media account would not help you reap the charities. You would have to nurture your accounts and the followers if you are expecting considerable results from the platforms. Before you start posting, examine the demographics of your followers and sign up to the platform(s) they use the most.

The content you post on your social media accounts is the key to success or failure. It is essential to create a presence that retains the previous donors and attracts the new ones as well. Your content should be customer-centric, consistent, relevant, and useful. Posting daily updates about your charity cause or campaign is a great way to make your followers feel connected and enlightened on what you are trying to achieve. Your posts should contain appropriate hashtags that will help the interested audience to find out about your cause while ensuring maximum visibility. Some examples include “#internationalwomensday” and “#fundraising”.

This is a post made by Girlsinc on Instagram for charity.

Social media is not just about posting content. It is important that you follow your peers as well as the donors you want to attract. Once you have followed all the relevant audiences, engage actively with them to get their attention. Like, comment, and share their content regularly as it will intrigue them about your charity cause.

Happy Women’s Day poster

Promotions for your charity cause on women’s day would be incomplete without wishing a Happy Women’s Day to your audience. Wishing them Women’s day will make the people stand for your cause as much as they would stand for the women.

Worried about how to wish for an audience of thousands? No problem, we got you covered.

You do not need to be in-person to show your solidarity toward the women. Design a poster and put it out everywhere to show your support. You can use PosterMyWall to design a Happy Women’s Day poster. It is an online poster maker that has thousands of free templates with an option to customize.

A Women’s Day poster template from PosterMyWall.

Cross-promotion and Influencers

Influencer promotions are the real game-changers for any non-profit cause. It is when you use high-profile people, influencers, or public celebrities to cross-promote your content on their social media accounts. This will help you promote your cause to a much wider audience as it increases the number of viewers exponentially.

Research is the key! Choosing the correct influential personality is vital. It is essential to consider if the person you choose to promote the fundraiser has access to the audience that is likely to participate in your cause. If the influencer you choose has access to an audience that matches your target market, you could easily attract new donors for your charity cause.

People of influence can help you get impressive results, but only if you choose wisely. You may pick a famous female celebrity or a known female activist to promote your charity cause on women’s day.

A post from Halima, an influencer to support a campaign by UNICEF.

Free Advertising or Coverage

Some media partners can let you run free ads. You can work with your local media outlets to cover your charity cause. This can be a little challenging if you are in a major metropolitan city, but you never know. You can also secure media sponsors to get some free ads. Media sponsors can write off the financial equivalent of their donation in taxes, which can let you have a few more cost-free advertisements.


Inequality is still much more common than it should be. Whether unconscious biases or the phenomenon of life is to blame, the only way to make a change for the deprived is to be vocal. Promote your charity cause and let the world help you in helping others.