The 5 best CBD E Liquid in Uk 2021

The 5 best CBD E Liquid in Uk 2021

A still little-known vaping molecule, CBD is neither narcotic nor addictive and does not lead to behavioral disorders. It is a substance developed in a medical context by the realization of numerous scientific works and researches during these last years. These studies and works have resulted in the isolation of CBD and many other cannabinoids, including THC, and terpenes contained in cannabis, as has the relationship between nicotine and tobacco.

The extraction of our selection of the best CBD e-liquids is obtained by supercritical CO2, more respectful for the strain than extraction by solvents, which allows obtaining a CBD without the residue of very high quality.

The CBD e-liquids are certified products chosen for their traceability, the quality of their ingredients, and their flavors. Preference is given to e-liquids with natural extracts and broad-spectrum (broad or full spectrum) for their entourage effect, which amplifies the properties of CBD (20 to 25% compared to the isolate). None of the products in our catalog contain synthetic CBD.

CBD can induce unwanted drug interactions. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor's advice before use.


CBD e liquids in the UK are completely legal, and vaping CBD relaxes it is well known. But the cannabidiol vape is also an opportunity to discover intense and unique flavors, mainly thanks to the terpenes from the hemp plant itself! Here are our top 5 of the best CBD e-liquids!

  1. OG Kush CBD Greeneo

The vapers are (almost) unanimous; the OG Kush CBD Greeneo is the best CBD e-liquid! Its strength draws it from its terpenes which give a bluffing rendering of the hemp plant. An intense aroma of OG Kush, with a rich aromatic profile that allows different notes to be savoured as if it were a great wine.

  1. Malana Full Spectrum Marie Jeanne

Full-spectrum CBD e-liquids contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This allows you to benefit from an entourage effect but also extra flavors. If you like the taste of natural hemp, this Malana Full Spectrum e-liquid from the manufacturer Marie Jeanne is the one for you!

  1. Sour Diesel CBD Greeno

Some cannabidiol e-liquids are exceptional; this is the case with this Sour Diesel CBD e-liquid from Greeno. Original and influential with an exotic touch, the strong flavor of this Sour Diesel e-liquid will surprise you!

  1. Cherry OG CBD Weedeo

Hemp flavors are not everywhere in the CBD vape! You can vape an excellent fruit-flavored CBD e-liquid, as is the case with Cherry OG CBD Weedeo with cherry flavor. An absolute fruity delight that will relax you in no time!

  1. PEEM Cookie WEECL

If there are cannabidiol e-liquids with fruity aromas, there are necessarily some with gourmet aromas too! This is the case of the Space Cake CBD Green Monkey e-liquid, whose comforting chocolate space cake flavor will delight the taste buds of vapers who fall for sweet juices. This product is a concentrate of gluttony that the fireside cans vape after a long day of work!


As you can imagine, this ranking in the form of a top 5 of the best CBD e-liquids is purely subjective. It will vary depending on your taste preferences, especially in terms of the aromatic profile of the hemp plant varieties serving as a model. From Lemon Haze with a floral and lemony flavor to Amnesia Kush with a pronounced and rich taste, you have at your disposal a whole range of aromas to vape CBD.