6 Ways to Make Your Home Kid-Friendly

6 Ways to Make Your Home Kid-Friendly

Having a kid around comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to keep them safe, but you also need to ensure they are well-fed, happy, and clean. This can be a difficult task if your house is not up to the task. So, whether you are expecting a new baby, starting a babysitting job, or you just want some ideas to keep your little ones safe and entertained, here are six ways to make your home kid-friendly.

1: Lock Cupboards and Doors

Little kids are curious, which means they will not hesitate to reach up for door handles and pull at cupboards. Even if you are certain they cannot open anything yet, it is better to be safe rather than sorry and lock all reachable doors and cupboards. That way, they will not go somewhere they shouldn’t or get their hands on something dangerous. If you have swing doors into your backyard, you can install a contactless door lock to ensure you do not suddenly spot your kid running around the garden unaccompanied.

2: Attract Wildlife to the Garden

Attracting wildlife into your garden is great for kids, as it provides both entertainment and education. A pond is perfect for teaching your little one about life, as you can show them how frogs turn from tiny little tadpoles into full-sized frogs that lay eggs. You can also plant bee-friendly flowers to attract bees and install a bird feeder into a tree to ensure the local birds come to say hello in the mornings.

3: Clear the Floor Space

Too much clutter on the floor can turn into a hazard for kids. Plus, it is better for little legs to explore without interruption. So, before little ones start running around your house, make sure your floor space is as clear as possible. It will make cleaning up quicker, too!

4: Create a Reading Nook

The sooner you get a child into reading, the better, and there is no better way of doing that than by creating a little reading nook for them. They are reasonably easy to make – just get some cushions, blankets, fairy lights, a bean bag, and a children’s bookshelf, and you have the ingredients for the perfect reading spot for kids.

5: Cover Sharp Corners

Kids bump their heads all the time. It is usually nothing serious, especially if it is on a soft, rounded surface, but it can become dangerous if they bump their heads on something sharp. For this reason, you must cover any sharp corners in your home. That way, you can watch them run around with minimal worry.

6: Avoid Minimalism

Kids will rarely remember a neutral home with bare walls; instead, they will remember the homes that had little trinkets, fun posters, candy bowls, teddy bears, bright-colored curtains, and full to the brim bookshelves. To keep your kid entertained and in awe, avoid minimalism at all costs and embrace silly objects that your little one will remember forever.


Knowing that your home is thoroughly kid-friendly, will enable you to relax and enjoy spending time with them, watching them grow and learn, rather than constantly stopping them from hurting themselves. You can make sure any children that stay are both entertained and as safe as possible.