A guide to the perfect spring clean

A guide to the perfect spring clean

Spring is often that time of year when many people feel the need to clear away the cobwebs and just make their home feel fresh and airy again.

Now temperatures are starting to rise and the outlook is getting brighter once more, you’re not going to want to spend all your time indoors so here’s a handy guide to getting your spring clean on with as much ease as possible.


You're not going to want to undertake an entire spring clean all in one go, especially if the sun is shining, so the best idea is to plan to do it over a few weeks.

Break down your task list and schedule everything in so you can work through it a couple of hours at a time.


There's no point in trying to dust around all the clutter that's accumulated over the past year.

Spring is the perfect time to declutter your home, so take a step back to consider what is actually useful or beautiful in your home and what needs to go.

Get three trash bags, one for anything only fit for the dump, one to gift on or donate to charity, and one for anything of value that you'd like to sell.

Go through every room of the house and be thorough.

If you find you have items you're not ready to part with but you're not making use of right now, consider putting them into storage and free up more space in your home.

Check foodstuffs

Pull every bit of food out from its storage places and check the dates. You'll be surprised how much food past its best is lurking in the back of the pantry.

Anything that has been lurking for too long can go in the garbage and everything else can be placed back in an orderly fashion, but not before giving all of the cabinets and shelving a wipe down with a wet cloth.


Your next step is the actual cleaning. To make that easier, here's a checklist:

  • Dust: With a feather duster or dusting cloth, go over every surface, high and low; not forgetting light fittings and the tops of doors. Think about all the places you don’t see but where dust might be lurking.
  • Windows and glass: Getting all of your glass gleaming makes a huge difference.
  • Doorframes and baseboards: An often forgotten area, cleaning up scuffs, marks, and fingermarks from doorframes and baseboards is a must during spring cleaning.
  • Sweep: Sweep or vacuum hard floors and carpets.
  • Bathroom: Leave no surface uncleansed, from the tiles at the top to those grimy corners at the bottom. Pay particular attention to forgotten areas including the showerhead and faucets.
  • Kitchen: As well as the obvious, now is also the time to give your waste disposal the once over, along with the ventilation grate and trash cans.

Work through this guide one step at a time and you should have your house spring cleaned—top to bottom—in the quickest time; meaning you can enjoy yourself out in the sunshine.