How to Organize Social Media Competitions

How to Organize Social Media Competitions

Social media is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal – particularly if you’re looking at promoting your business or company. However, if you’re not used to social media, or you’re not quite “tech-savvy”, it can be difficult to not only set one up but set one up effectively. We’ve given you a complete guide on how to set up a social media competition in a way that will guarantee you the most success – read on to find out more!

Why Should You Start a Social Media Competition?

Firstly, it’s worth getting into just how effective a social media competition can be. The first point is that competitions can draw people to your business, providing some easy marketing. Not only do competitions make for easy interaction with potential customers, but with a simple requirement to share the competition, it can be spread quickly across hundreds, if not thousands, of people. This makes it an easy way to really build up your consumer base – especially since liking your page will then show them more of your posts, giving you the perfect stage to promote your products to potential new customers.

Secondly, competition is exciting to consumers. Giving away products can engage your audience with your product, as they’ll be excited about what they want to win. Some may want to win so much that they even buy the product themselves! Here, you’re promoting yourself as a fun brand, but also a brand that is dedicated to your audience, meaning it’s much easier to connect with them.

How to Set Up a Social Media Competition

It’s easier than you think to set up a social media competition – in fact, most often, you only need a post! However, you need to have planned out the intricacies of your competition before you post it. This means looking into many different factors, the first of which is what kind of audience you’re looking to gain. Social media is most effective with younger age groups and can give you a lot of spread here, but if your company is selling something unrelated, such as anti-aging cream, you’ll be off the mark. This means you have to really appeal to your audience, both in what the prize will be and how accessible your competition is. For the prize, it’s best to stick to the product you’re trying to sell – a free set of products, a free service, or even a voucher for your store. However, monetary prizes should be secondary in order to maximize the emphasis on your product and gain the most interest.

A simple method is to ask your consumers to like, share, and comment. Liking and sharing give your post traction, allowing it to reach a wide variety of consumers, and commenting allow you to know who to enter. But then, how do you decide the winner? It’s simpler than you think! Simply make a list of all the names of people who have commented and assign them a random number. Then, once you have a complete list, use a random number generator to set a range (for example, if you have 500 entries, then number them from 1 to 500) and click to get a random number. Check who is assigned to that number, and you have a winner! If possible, it’s worth promoting your winner on social media so that future consumers know winning is possible, and encouraging future interaction.

How to Make Your Competition Effective

Setting up a competition isn’t the end of it though – there are tips and tricks you can apply to make sure you’re pushing your competition to the max. Firstly, it’s worth using as many social media sites as possible to post your competition. This allows you to reach a much wider audience, as well as encourage your audience to interact with your other social media too, especially if you allow an entry per social media post rather than one overall.

It’s also worth using the marketing tools that often come with social media to promote your post. By paying a little bit of money, you can boost your competition post, meaning it will show to people who do not follow your business. Often, there is control over the demographic you target with your post, so you can be sure you’re reaching your target audience. This not only encourages interaction with the competition but interaction with your brand and products, hopefully securing yourself some long-term customers too.


A social media competition is one of the most effective tools for marketing your business, as it helps to drive up both interests and can potentially increase followers and social engagements. It’s clear that competitions need to be organized and managed effectively so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the entries, and it’s always best to give away something related to your brand, such as a product you already sell. Competitions can make your brand feel fun, exciting, and rewarding to follow, which are three attributes that can help improve your social accounts for the future and your business as a whole.