Starting a Family Through a Fertility Clinic

Starting a Family Through a Fertility Clinic

These days there are so many different available options when it comes to starting a family. If conceiving a baby is not something you have been able to do naturally, then you might consider working with a fertility clinic to realize this dream.

A fertility clinic may be the best option for you in any of the following situations:

  • You are a same-sex couple
  • You or your partner are transgender
  • You are a single woman
  • You or your partner have fertility issues

Same-Sex Couples

If you are a biologically female lesbian couple, then a reputable fertility clinic can be a great choice for starting your family. The clinic will be able to provide donor sperm for you, and you will be able to choose from a range of different men to find the most suitable match.

This is often a preferable route to getting pregnant by donor sperm outside of a fertility clinic due to the various legal issues involved. When you birth a child through a fertility clinic, you and your partner will be the only legally recognized parents of your child.

If you are a gay male couple, then a fertility clinic can help you on your path to fatherhood. Through IVF and surrogacy, it is possible to birth a child that you are both legally the parent of.

Transgender Couples

If you or your partner are transgender, then there are multiple reasons why you might choose a fertility clinic to start your family. If neither of you are able to carry children, or if neither of you produces sperm, then it can be complicated to find the best path to parenthood.

A fertility clinic will be able to talk you through your best options and help you to make the necessary arrangements.

It is often a good idea to consult with a fertility clinic before you or your partner begin testosterone or estrogen therapy. This is so that you can consider fertility options for the future, such as freezing sperm or storing eggs.

Single Women

If you are a single woman and you want to start a family by yourself, then you can obtain sperm via a fertility clinic.

This is often a great choice as you are able to be the sole legal parent of your child, as opposed to sharing this responsibility if you use sperm from a known donor outside of a clinical setting.

The clinic will be able to give you all of the appropriate advice and provide emotional support during this process.

Fertility Issues

If you or your partner have issues with fertility, then a fertility clinic can help you to overcome these problems to start your family.

Some of the most common reasons that heterosexual couples seek out fertility treatment are that the man’s sperm count is low or that his sperm has poor mobility. It is also not unusual that a man has previously had a vasectomy but wishes to reverse the procedure to have a child now.

The clinic will be able to pinpoint the exact problem and offer you the best advice for moving forwards with your baby plans.

Starting a Family: A Summary

Starting a family is such an exciting time, and it is great to have the support of a reputable fertility clinic as you move through this process. If you find yourself being able to relate to any of the above scenarios, reaching out to a fertility clinic could be the best option for you. You may find that you are soon back at the clinic planning your second baby, and maybe even a third!