World of Warcraft: The Fresh Crusade: Starting From Scratch

World of Warcraft: The Fresh Crusade: Starting From Scratch

On March 5, 2021, thousands of players are about to begin their “fresh” experience for the World of Warcraft Classic. Just recently, Blizzard has officially announced through their BlizzCon the release of the much-anticipated expansion for WoW Classic: Burning Crusade. The Burning Crusade expansion is the first-ever expansion that was released when World of Warcraft was still taking its baby steps. With the Burning Crusade set to release in 2021, fans are getting themselves ready by farming as much WoW Classic gold and WoW Classic Items as they could in preparation for the vast content that they’ll get from Blizzard. So how does the Fresh Crusade relate to all of this? Well, one thing’s for sure, the Fresh Crusade is not for the players who want to bring over their hard-earned loot. For those that are interested to learn more about the idea of the Fresh Crusade and how it works, we’ll be covering the nitty-gritty details about this community-driven idea that has now formed into something tangible down below.

The Burning Problem

People might think that World of Warcraft Classic has been a pleasurable experience for all, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Classic has been riddled with botting issues since its launch. Many players have been abusing this tactic of using bots to farm WoW Classic gold and WoW Classic Items without having to work for it. This leads to other players who are farming their butts off feeling unfulfilled compared to the progress made by botters. Botting is not just rampant in World of Warcraft Classic, but many other games as well. People could say that it’s an online gaming issue, but botting has been done for many years now with no end of it in sight. Blizzard has asked its players for help to overcome this obstacle by reporting it to them via e-mail. Sadly, not everyone has the time to report these things and simply overlook or turn their heads away from them. This results in the toleration of botters in the community despite it being cheating in the first place.

Another burning problem that has been plaguing the servers is the severely inflated in-game economy in World of Warcraft Classic. This has been infecting not just a few servers in the game, but across multiple realms. This is the result of bots vacuuming up all of the resources. When multiple bots hoard the resources in the game, the real players are essentially left with nothing. They instead turn to auction markets if they’re looking for rarer resources/materials which can cost a pretty penny. This vicious cycle has been going on for quite some time now, and trying to fix it would lead to many months or even years for everything to be back to normal. The botting issue and the inflated economy go hand-in-hand together like a cause-and-effect phenomenon; and since it looks like Blizzard doesn’t have any plans to tackle these problems directly, the community took matters into their own hands.

Tabula Rasa

The Fresh Crusade offers players a chance to have a clean slate once more amidst the many problems that are rampant in the official World of Warcraft Classic servers. This community project has been in the works for quite some time and is scheduled to launch on March 5 with a massive re-roll event. According to Cazshar, the player who started this project, he has noticed that there are a lot of players who are looking to get a fresh start in an all-new server. The experience of leveling, in a lot of WoW Classic servers, has been corrupted by the bots. This makes the process of the usual leveling up and grinding like in many other online games much harder to find. And who can blame them? It’s easy to see the thousands of botters that are active in almost every farming area in WoW Classic trying to get WoW Classic gold and WoW Classic Items. Seeing an actual person farming for materials is a rare find these days. There are a total of seven guilds involved in this project and more than 1,300 players who will be assigned to the two Alliances accordingly. The Fresh Crusade is the solution to the problem of many players that just want to play with their fellow other players, not bots. This will no doubt be a long-term project for Cazshar, as there are already patch updates that are being planned for it in the future. Patches and updates will ensure that the economy will stay stable at least until the release of The Burning Crusade expansion.

Final Thoughts

The Fresh Crusade just might be what avid gamers and newcomers to WoW Classic are looking for to keep them busy at least until The Burning Crusade launches. There’s no telling when The Burning Crusade might drop since there’s no accurate release date, but in the meantime, gamers can farm WoW Classic Gold and WoW Classic Items through the community-made server. Does the Fresh Crusade tickle your fancy? Or would you just rather use your already existing account when the Burning Crusade launches? Let us know your thoughts about this community-based project down below.