Must-Do OSRS Quests

Must-Do OSRS Quests

The most rewarding and most important quests to do

There are numerous quests in Old School Runescape. They vary in length and difficulty, as well as in rewards. Some can be short and simple, while others can be as long as that one ‘kid’ detective manga. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it can certainly feel like it. There are entire questlines that span through several quests, though that is different to quests bearing the same name along with a ‘Part X.’ A majority also may not reward OSRS gold, but can potentially open up opportunities to earn through the rewards.

Without further ado, here are the ‘must-do’ quests for OSRS players.

OSRS Quests that Unlock Skills (for Members)

These quests either unlock skills or something related to skilling.

  • Druidic Ritual unlocks Herblore
  • Rune Mysteries rewards Books of Knowledge on Runecrafting, as well as the use of Lamps
  • Tears of Guthix allows the player to run a weekly minigame that gives experience to their lowest skill
  • Desert Treasure lets players use the highly desired Ancient Spellbook as a reward
  • Lunar Diplomacy produces a Lunar Spellbook for the player
  • King’s Ransom grants the use of the Chivalry and Piety Prayers

Of these quests, the most popular would be Desert Treasure and Lunar Diplomacy. The Ancient Magick spells are powerful, while the Lunar Spells are useful. You have to also do ‘Dream Mentor’ to gain the full repertoire of the spellbook, though.

Quests that Unlock Modes of Transportation

These quests unlock transportation methods. They’re mostly teleportation, but some use more conventional ways.

  • Plague City (teleport to Ardougne)
  • Enlightened Journey (Balloon Transport System)
  • Fairytales Part 1 and Part 2 (Fairy Rings)
  • Tree Gnome Village (Spirit Tree Teleports)
  • The Grand Tree (Gnome Glider Transportation)
  • Ghosts Ahoy (Ectophial and passage to Port Phasmatys)
  • Watchtower (Watchtower Teleport)
  • Another Slice of H.A.M. (Dorgesh-Kaan-Keldagrim Train System)
  • Taste of Hope (Drakan’s Medallion)

You’ll be needing to get around Gielinor for many OSRS quests, so transportation to another area is necessary for convenience. Besides the spent gold for Energy Potions, there’s also the time it takes to run to your destination. Teleporting or at least riding something can cut that time and cost for a smoother experience.

OSRS Quests that Unlock Equipment

These quests reward you with useful equipment or the ability to obtain and use one.

  • The Great Brain Robbery (Barrelchest Anchor)
  • Dwarf Cannon (Dwarf Multicannon)
  • Dragon Slayer I (Green D’Hide Body, Rune Platebody, Dragon Platebody)
  • Dragon Slayer II (Ava’s Assembler, also needs the completion of Animal Magnetism to obtain one)
  • Family Crest (Steel Gauntlets)
  • Animal Magnetism (Ava’s Device)
  • Recruitment Drive (Initiate Armor)
  • The Slug Menace (Proselyte Armor)
  • Recipe for Disaster (Culinaromancer’s Gloves upgrade as subquests reward, Barrows Gloves)
  • Lost City (Dragon Dagger, Dragon Longsword)
  • Monkey Madness I (Dragon Scimitar)
  • The Fremennik Isles (Helm of Neitiznot)
  • The Fremennik Exiles (Neitiznot Faceguard)
  • Rum Deal (Holy Wrench)
  • Haunted Mine (Salve Amulet)

Of course, some OSRS quests already mentioned can also give access to equipment. One example is Lunar Diplomacy. In the middle of the quest, you can convert Dramen Staves into Lunar Staves. You can still obtain Lunar Staves after completing the quest, but you’ll have to shell out 30k or more gold for each one. Converting staves in the middle of the quest is the only way to get them free. Then again, you’ll only use it during the quest, and you can’t earn much selling it. There are better staves for magic anyway.

Quests that Unlock New Areas

These Old School Runescapequests allow access to new areas of Gielinor. New areas mean new quests to tackle!

  • Priest in Peril (Morytania)
  • Bone Voyage (Fossil Island)
  • Throne of Miscellania (Miscellania, also unlocks Managing Miscellania)
  • Regicide (Tirannwn)
  • Mourning’s End Part I (Lletya)
  • Song of the Elves (Prifddinas)
  • Making Friends with My Arm (Weiss)
  • Sins of the Father (Darkmeyer)

Other Miscellaneous OSRS Quests

These quests unlock important features.

  • Troll Stronghold (God Wars)
  • Monkey Madness II (access to a dungeon great for Chinning and Bursting)
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure (a disease-free herb patch for farmers)
  • Shilo Village (access to Duradel, the highest tier Slayer Master)


With the game updating every so often, there’s sure to be more in the future. As of now, these are the best quests you can do. While they don’t directly make you rich in OSRS gold, some of them are opportunities. For example, the Ancient Spellbook is popular with PvPers because of the strength of the spells. With the loot you can gather from others, you can reasonably earn much, though maybe not enough to be able to sell OSRS gold. At least it won’t leave you poor enough that you have to buy OSRS gold.

At any rate, these quests will help you on your journeys across Gielinor. Happy questing!