How the law profession is being changed by digital age

How the law profession is being changed by digital age

In today's world, technology has become very advanced and is being incorporated in almost every sector. Technology provides easier and flexible ways of doing things. It also allows for quick access. In the law industry, the digital age has brought about new ideas and benefits. It has widened the lawyer's scope of practicing law allowing them access to soft copy law materials. With the push of a button, lawyers can access millions of law material online. There is sufficient online storage for law documents as well. Here are ways in which technology has influenced the practice of law;

Communication of Client and Lawyers

Through technology, lawyer-client communication has been made simple and easy. They can communicate through electronic mails, phones, and messaging, to mention but a few ways. In addition, they can communicate at any time of the day and from any place. Therefore, a client in need of legal services can easily contact a lawyer from any part of the country. The communication relay is fast, eliminating any delays in any law process. Hank Stout, a Houston car accident lawyer, believes that client communication is one of the most important factors that lead to law firm success. “The easier it is to communicate with my clients, the easier my job is and the happier my clients are.”

Through technology, there is no need for meeting the lawyers in offices. Just one phone call and the message will be relayed. This saves time and money, as well.

Online Movements

These are online movements that propose or oppose certain legal issues or procedures. Through these movements, many people get enlightened about what is happening in the legal world and what needs to be changed. Initially, such issues would only reach a few people, but with the digital age, there is widespread information allowing people to have a voice. Also, through such online movements, clients can meet lawyers and vise versa. It provides a good channel for unity and voicing out issues with the legal community in the country.

Online Community

The new digital age has allowed for the growth of an extensive online community that has exposed the marginalized or communities with no access to law representation to good lawyers. There are numerous sites that one can outsource good lawyers online. Online communities have helped save many legal cases through the provision of good lawyers. Also, it has helped lawyers get clients and be able to help clients through pro bono.

In the new digital age, lawyers have been able to connect and share ideas. It presents an excellent learning opportunity for lawyers as they can discuss challenges and raise solutions. Networking is very important in any field of business. This is what the digital age has brought. Lawyers can network and brainstorm through web conferences and other online platforms.

A New Legal Platform Challenge

As the law industry transitions into the digital age, there are numerous laws arising in regards to online laws like copyright. Lawyers need to be aware of such arising challenges and get educated on the matters. The digital age has presented this online challenge where lawyers can specialize in-laws regarding online platforms. Issues such as data protection and spam laws are areas that are new to the legal world and need to be studied carefully and fully understood by lawyers.


This is a new area that has been brought about by technological advancement. Here, law-related data is well stored. The data is systematically stored to allow ease of access to lawyers. They have numerous information that is readily available for lawyers. This has simplified the law process as lawyers do not spend extra time in the library going through books. In addition, they can access these platforms from anywhere in the country.

Several law firms have adapted to E-discovery and have helped them solve several cases successfully by the ease of access to lawsuits stored in the platform.

Simple Analytics

This is where technology is used in helping review contracts and highlight any disparities found. This helps save time and cost for law firms. Manually reviewing contracts can be time-consuming and costly at times.

Since this is a new area of operation for law firms, it is important to make the right partnerships with software industries to help with the smooth transition. There are numerous technology companies that are well equipped to help with this transition. Some of these new technology laws require lawyers to be adequately educated in law schools to help them tackle any legal issues related to technology. Most technology firms have come up with simpler methods to handle law issues. Some have come up with unique ways to review contracts through online platforms. Also, the technology firms will help protect law firms from hacks and spam materials as they slowly adapt to this new and enlightening change.


Technology is here to make our lives easier. As a lawyer, it’s important to stay up to date in terms of technological advancements that could possibly help you run your practice in a more efficient fashion. Anything you can do that will make your job easier and your clients happier will translate into success and is always worth the investment.