Five Points to Remember When You Hire a Criminal Attorney

Five Points to Remember When You Hire a Criminal Attorney

Depending on the situation, some people may have a hard time finding a criminal attorney that can properly represent them in court. Most people will struggle if they try to defend themselves in court, so they will want to find a solid lawyer. These are five points a person should remember when he or she needs to hire a criminal attorney.

The Location

Above all else, people need to check the available locations for their potential attorneys. Attorneys can only work in states where they have a corresponding license, so people should verify that information before hiring one. Otherwise, the attorney can't represent them in court, which will create major problems.

For example, an attorney could represent someone in Texas, but that doesn't mean he or she has a license to work in Louisiana. People can check with attorneys and find out where they can work. Potential clients could even find this information online and many attorneys will post it on their websites, which will make things easier for the clients.

Look Into Fees

People should also spend some time finding out what lawyers will charge in their areas. Depending on their experience, knowledge and area of expertise, attorneys will vary when it comes to costs. Due to this, clients need to look through the lawyers available in their areas to see who can fit in their budgets.

On top of this, they should look at attorney fees. Lawyers will charge different rates and amounts of money, so people need to see how much a lawyer will cost. Most attorneys will be expensive, so people need to keep this in mind, look at how much money they have and determine who they should hire. Bill Umanksky, an Orlando DUI lawyer, says that it is best practice to make it very clear what the fees are going to be upfront. “Normally, if you don’t have a clear understanding of the fees that your lawyer is going to be charging you it might be a good idea to look for a different lawyer.”

Education and Background

Just like with any representative in the legal system, a person will want to look at the education and background of potential lawyers. If a lawyer doesn't have the proper credentials, experience or education to work in the field, then the clients could lose out on money. On top of this, they could even lose the case.

While education matters, clients need to also consider the background and experience of lawyers. They want to find a lawyer with lots of experience in court and one with a background in criminal law or the corresponding area. This way, the client can ensure he or she picks the best lawyer for the job.

Look At Their Standing

Just like with other jobs, lawyers can receive discipline for certain actions in court. Since lawyers need to remain professional and properly represent clients, they will have a public record that anyone can access. This will allow clients to see if they have a clean record. After all, a client doesn't want the lawyer who did something wrong in court.

A person can easily find this information by looking at the state bar website, which includes this information for each lawyer. This way, clients can do their research and find a lawyer they can trust. It takes extra effort on the client's part, but it ensures that clients can avoid potentially dangerous or bad lawyers.


This may seem strange, but clients need to consider lawyers they feel comfortable with. If an attorney makes a client feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then the client won't trust the attorney as much, which could lead to issues during the case. The two must work together and trust each other if they want to make the most out of a trial.

Clients can use free consultations to judge comfortability with an attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultations, so clients can see what each lawyer will bring to the table. Due to this, people need to make sure they take advantage of these consultations.


Finding a criminal attorney can be difficult, especially if someone wants to find the right one for the case. Whenever people struggle to find one, they can use these points to help them hire an attorney. Doing so will help them to identify qualities they like in an attorney, which could lead to them winning the case and avoiding charges.