Five Ways To Boost Your Online Presence As A Lawyer

Five Ways To Boost Your Online Presence As A Lawyer

Five Ways To Boost Your Online Presence As A Lawyer

Running a law firm is highly challenging. Clients have lots of needs that must be met. Any lawyer must be mindful of all those little details that can make or break a practice. Lawyers must be able to reach out to new clients, satisfy their existing client base and make sure the law firm is run to the highest possible standards. A law firm must also be aware of issues such as making sure that all those who work with the firm in a supporting role such as paralegals understand what needs to be done each day and how to help the firm live up to their overall, long-term plans.

One of the single most important aspects of running a law firm in the modern world is an understanding of the online world. All law firm owners must be able to make the best use of the web. A well run, constantly updated website is imperative in today's legal climate. A good site allows the firm's lawyers to illustrate exactly what they can do for any client and why. It also allows the firm to highlight their record to the public at large and demonstrate why this is a firm deserving of respect and trust.

Your Site

If your firm is thinking about putting up a website or already has a website in place, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind as you get ready for the public. An effective law firm website has certain essential qualities. This should be a site that is easy to navigate, makes it possible to contact the firm and follows certain well established and well-known website procedures. All lawyers should know how to do certain things online. This includes processes and procedures such as ranking for their target keywords and finding ways to reach out to any potential local clients. A truly well-run site is one that can help any law firm increase their client base, best the competition and bring in potential new legal talent.

The Web Platform

All law firms should have a platform that feels comfortable. Ease of use and navigation is a foundation that makes everything else easier. The right platform means that each person who is using the site can find well-organized information that allows them to locate what they want as quickly as possible. A good platform is also one that makes it easier for anyone in the firm to make rapid changes as needed to the information they are presenting to the world about their firm. Look for a website platform that is user-friendly, easy to access even when on the go and allows for lots of customization.

Understanding SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process whereby any law firm can rank for certain keywords and reach out to as many clients as possible. When people look on the web, they typically do so by using certain terms. For example, a person in search of help with a divorce lawyer might use the terms divorce lawyer and their location. A well-run website is one that understands these terms and has the ability to come out on top of the listings when people search for such terms. All lawyers must know which keywords they want to rank for when it comes to their firm's site. Alan Ahdoot, a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer, expressed how important SEO is to his practice. “Nowadays, you can’t compete as a law firm without investing in SEO.”

Content is King

Truly good websites for lawyers also offer something else. They have useful content. People who are looking at law firms’ websites want a site that has interesting work. They're looking for a personal connection with the firm. They want articles that help show off the firm's personality and make it clear why this firm is the one to pick for the work they want to be done. All lawyers today must be aware of this need. Good, thoughtful, well-written articles are a must for their firm's website.

Social Media

Social media also plays a crucial role in how any site is run. A good site should be widely publicized. The site should be listed on all major media outlets. All law firms should have a page on every single standard social media. For example, the firm should have a profile on LinkedIn and Facebook. That way, the firm can show off what it can do for clients. Updated information that allows all clients to contact the firm is also imperative. A good website makes use of all possible existing modern resources.


In order to compete as a law firm nowadays, it’s extremely important to have all facets of your digital presence finely tuned. Making sure to invest your time and money into these 5 aspects of your website will surely pay dividends.