Need An eBay Repricing Tool?

Need An eBay Repricing Tool?

The 5 Best Features Of Price Spectre

Running an eBay business can be tough work.

Is selling on eBay your full-time business or are you just trying to clear the house out? Either way, it can be hard to keep on top of your pricing. Often, you can get undercut by even just a few cents!

It can be a hassle to have to log back into eBay and edit your listings one by one to offer your customers the best price. Now imagine that you have hundreds of listings. Imagine that your competitor’s prices aren’t just changing daily, but hourly!

It sounds like you need an eBay repricing tool like Price Spectre. Price Spectre is easy to set up. It quickly populates with all your eBay listings to help you stay ahead of your competition.

With Price Spectre, you can simply search for products by barcode, brand, or model. From there you can track your competitor’s prices. You can even find items that aren’t catalogued through search keywords!

Once you’ve imported your listings into Price Spectre and checked out the competition - you’re ready to go! Start adjusting your prices and sit back and watch the sales.

Below we’ve outlined some of the best and most useful features of Price Spectre.

The 5 Best Features Of Price Spectre

Floor And Ceiling Prices

These days, selling on eBay can often feel like a ‘race to the bottom’. Everyone’s trying to lower their prices, but it doesn’t mean you have to lower your value!

You decide how low you’re willing to go with Price Spectre’s floor and ceiling prices option. You can even set rules for your items to be the ‘xth’ lowest or highest price.

Plus, if you can’t find the right pricing rules for you - you can write your own! Price Spectre lets users create custom pricing rules in javascript.

Manual Repricing

One of the best features of Price Spectre is that you don’t have to be watching it 24/7 to see the pricing decisions it makes.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s just going to go off and adjust your prices without your consent. Price Spectre will email you with suggestions for new pricing conditions. This manual repricing means that you’ll never be unknowingly undersold!


You might think that putting all your eBay listings in somebody’s else’s hands sounds risky.

Luckily for you, Price Spectre doesn’t require your eBay logins. By using the eBay API, you only need to generate a token to give Price Spectre access to your account.

Price Adjustment

We said earlier that eBay prices change constantly - it can be hard to keep up!

Price Spectre reviews and adjusts your listing several times a day, from as often as every 4 hours. With a premium account, you can even increase this to up to every 15 minutes - pretty handy if you’re selling in a competitive market!

Dynamic Repricing

Price Spectre is a dynamic pricing agent. Not only does it adjust your prices according to the rules you’ve set, but it will give you suggestions based on performance and sales.

You can price items by searching for ISBNs, keywords, barcodes, or even just common items. Price Spectre even have more useful repricing algorithms on the way. So stay tuned!

Bonus Feature:

Want to increase your repricing frequency? You can do so with premium points. They can be purchased to increase the frequency at a rate of as little as $0.02. And the best part? If you don’t use them, they’re 95% refundable! What’s not to love?

Price Spectre is the perfect eBay repricing tool for casual sellers and professionals alike. There are loads of useful features like manual repricing and email alerts. With Price Spectre, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Price Spectre costs as little as $9.95 for 200 listings a month! It can keep an eye on the market and start making sales while you sleep.

Get started today with your 14-day free trial over at Price Spectre!

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