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New Fintech Qazikoo is here to change traditional banking

by Maxwell (writer) , May 11, 2020

Launch in September 2020, Qazikoo is going to revolutionize the world of online banking. It is a brand-new challenger bank which is going to change the way we look at digital banking with its state-of-the-art technology and multitude of functionalities.

The first step the bank has taken to improve traditional online banking lies in its security protocols. Qazikoo’s security systems match military grade encryption and ensures that our customers will be using the safest platforms in the market. Additionally, the way you perceive foreign exchange will change completely. The service will allow users to pay across multiple countries in different currencies to further simplify the user experience.

Qazikoo is more than just the security features as it fully understands that in today's world what clients really want is to be able to do things their way. Qazikoo's app is designed to be as user friendly as possible with many utilities that enhance every user’s experience. Fee free payments are possible through the Qazikoo App with a bill splitting function to share the cost of everything from shopping to eating out. Qazikoo cards are designed to be truly customisable by the user, allowing them to personalise the card images as well as the layout. A process that not only helps user engagement but also safeguards every card to be unique and theft proof.

Qazikoo is currently expecting to reach unicorn company status in its first year of operation with a projected company valuation of £1billion. Due to its influence, unique features and pioneering security protocols, Qazikoo is redefining the way we look at banking for the foreseeable future.

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