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How to improve your sales offers during COVID-19 And Beyond.

by Editor (editor) , May 11, 2020

As controversial as this may sound Covid19 may be the best thing you've ever experienced as a business owner.

Could these unprecedented times offer you the best chance you'll ever have to readjust and even future proof your business? London based thought leader and SEO consultant Amine Dahimene thinks so!

Here's what he had to say.

Times are tough right now for most businesses; I acknowledge that, but I also want to reassure you that if you have a business that there is still hope - and plenty of it.

When we face challenges such as Covid19 we are often forced to look at what might be broken in our businesses or to dig around in the darkest corners of our products, services, systems and processes to find new opportunities that would be otherwise left out in the cold.

Most of the time it's these cracks, and outcast opportunities that were always there in the good times (sometimes draining our resources) still linger in the bad.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't be experiencing COVID-19, but it's here, and while it's slowing down many businesses it's also creating the opportunity for the same businesses to embrace their potential and fix those lingering problems.

The first tip is more business-related, but I encourage you to consider how SEO can help you share the news of any business changes that crop up if you choose to follow this advice.

Improve Or Adapt Your Sales Offers

There are several businesses who, during COVID-19, are adapting or improving their sales offers and packages to their customers. By listening to their customer's needs and concerns during the crisis period, many businesses can adapt and pivot their offers to meet changing demands.

How One Business Found A Genius Way To Stay Open and Serve Their Community During COVID-19

A perfect example is a tourist attraction in Staffordshire, The National Forest Adventure Farm. Pre COVID-19 it's a children's farm attraction, but they pivoted. Right now, during COVID-19 The National Forest Adventure Farm is a drive through farm shop providing a much needed and safe option for purchasing food for their local community. Smart move.

You may also find opportunities to pivot your business during COVID-19 easily, and I recommend that if you can, you should.

Improve Your Existing Sales Offers While You Have The Time

If you can't pivot right now, you can always take this time to improve your sales offers. In my experience, when you optimise your offers and you take the time to tweak, test and adjust the offers you provide you multiply profits.

So how do you improve your offers?

One of the best ways to do this is to listen to what your customers and followers have to say about your business. And also about what's happening in your community.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Review old communications from your customers and take note of what they love, hate and request.
  • Look at the feedback left for your business online.
  • Search forums and Facebook groups to discover what topics your market is discussing.
  • Check Google Trends and think about how you could pivot your business to meet with these trends.
  • Research how other similar businesses are adapting to the Covid19 experience.
  • Look at similar businesses in other countries too - especially those who are ahead of your country in the Covid19 situation. For example; China, South Korea, Italy.
  • Run survey polls on social media to find out more about how you can serve your community or strengthen your business for the future.
  • Begin building an email list.

Don't forget to ask your audience "What concerns do you have about the Coronavirus in your community?", or as it's related to your business.

Remember - staying in touch with your customers right now is vital and considerate. It will let them know you care and provide them with a sense of normality and hope for the future.

Deliver Considerate Services Without Exploitation

The main point to remember here is not to exploit this crisis. People won't forget that if you do. Instead, find ways to give in a way that can bring more people through your doors now, or in the future.

I acknowledge that businesses are experiencing limitations financially right now but if you can, and if it's possible, show empathy and consideration through your actions.

2 Quick Wins To Enhance Your Business Now or in The Future.

  • Provide free introductory training or workshops to encourage people. And to invite people to experience your business while they have the time.
  • Be open to change, look for alternative ways to engage with your customers, prospects and audience.
  • Take this opportunity to experiment with your marketing, SEO if it's not already working, offers, and ways you interact with your customers.

Most people want to keep the businesses and services they are familiar with, and if they can, they'll be more than willing to support you. You have the perfect opportunity right now to stand out as a reliable and compassionate leader in your industry or community.

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