4 Digital Marketing Tips For Consultants

Tip #1: Think about what makes you different

What's your unique value proposition? What makes you the best consultant for the job? What makes you stand out amongst other consultants in your industry, right? What makes you different? Nail that down, right? That's so key so that you stand out in the crowd. Make sure that's clear on your web site, on your social media profiles, maybe within all the content that your creating, you touch on that real quick at the beginning or at the end, that one piece could be really powerful in getting the business versus somebody else.

Another important advice would be to create unique content that sets you apart from your competition. The easiest way to do this is to do highly sought after, heavy research-based topics (ie how to drive traffic to your Shopify store?) – not a lot of people are writing about that.

Tip #2: Make sure that you have a professional website

That really tells your story and makes you different, stands out in the crowd, and really is professional compared to the other consultants. Yours is the best, right? Here's the deal, a lot of people are going to end up on your web site at some point before they call you, or fill out a consultant lead form to reach out to you. Whether they see you initially on social media, or they hear about you from a friend or something like that, they’re going to go to your web site at some point, so this is a really important piece to have right. Make sure your website makes it clear, what you do, the value, your value proposition, your FAQs, maybe there's a great video on there that tells the story, case study statistics, this is your destination place. If that's really good, and make sure it looks really good on the phone, on mobile, you’re going to get more leads, more calls, and more business, so definitely invest in a professional website.

Tip #3: Leverage social media

Just like tip six, how you have to have a professional presence on your website, because that's something people are going to check before they reach out to you, it's the same thing on social media, they're going to also check your social media profiles. They're going to look at it, and what they're going to want to see is, is it professional? Does it look nice? Do you have followers or people engaging with your content? Do you even have content? Is your last post from six months ago? Because that's not good. You're going to want to make sure you have a continual flow of content. What is that content? It's everything we've talked about. It's showing that you're a leader in the space. You have valuable content, this is how you solve this problem, this is a case study on this project, right? Here's an FAQ question that's being answered, it’s good stuff. If that looks good, this is going to check a box for them, and they're going to reach out to you.

Tip #4: Advertising

once you have your website really in place, and you have your content that you've created, and you have your social media looking good, you've developed a lot of reviews and you have those reviews from your past customers that are posted online, and that looks good, and everything feels like its really, really solid, you want to start investing some money in advertising through multichannel advertising. You're going to want to do this on the search for your very best keywords. So what are people searching on Google when they want to solve the problem that you can help them solve, and you want to invest in being on top of that. You also want to have pages on your web site that are landing pages about that content so that they rank organically at the top of Google so that you're catching people at the moment that they're looking. You also want to invest in multichannel advertising outside of search, so across social media. Figure out what your audience is, is it an audience on LinkedIn? Is it an audience on Facebook or Instagram? Figure out where the audience is and invest some money in running some ads to get in front of those people that says, you know the ad should basically make it clear, "Do you want to solve this problem?"Click here."Do you want to solve this problem?"Click here to get some tips, to watch a video, to go learn more."That kind of a thing, right? Everybody knows what their problem is, and if they can see there's a way to solve that, and if there's information they can get for free initially, that's a great way to get them in the door, and work them from there.