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4 Things You Need To Start Fly Fishing

by Editor (editor) , April 10, 2020

Fly fishing is a brilliant hobby that helps you see more of the great outdoors. Some people consider it a sport, and there are some professional fly fishing competitions out there. Before you start getting excited, you need to get started!

What do you need to begin your fly fishing journey? Unfortunately, you will need to have a lot of equipment and supplies with you during your trip. The good news is that most of the stuff you only have to buy this one time, and then you can use it for years. So, here’s what you need:

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A rod

You can’t go fishing without a rod! Now, fly fishing requires a specific type of rod called a fly rod. You can’t use another fishing rod that you might have lying around. It’s also necessary to get a fly reel for this rod. As the name suggests, the reel is what you use to reel and pull in any fish that bite. The rods come in different weights and styles, but a graphite fly rod is usually recommended for beginners.

Fly line & backing

Next, you need to have something to actually fish with, and that’s where the line and backing come into play. With regular fishing rods, the line is quite thin. However, when fly fishing, you need a thicker line because you don’t have any weight hanging off the end. The backing is an extension of the line that goes around the reel. Get both of these things and make sure you get ones that are made for fly fishing or they won’t work.


Here’s the star of the show; flies! Essentially, this little object is where fly fishing gets its name. Flies are little things you put on the end of your line to entice fish. Effectively, it’s the bait. The difference between this and regular fishing is that it’s not live bait. Flies are designed to look like little flies, insects, or aquatic animals. You can see salmon flies here to get an idea of how many different varieties there are - and that’s just for one type of fish. Different fish require different flies to draw them in. Some fly fishers decide to only try and catch one or two different types of fish, meaning they don’t have to go out and buy thousands of flies!


Waders are technically optional, but they do make fly fishing much easier. They’re an item of waterproof clothing that you wear to wade out into the water. You typically use them when fishing in rivers or lakes. You don’t need to wade out into the water - you could be on a boat or risk from the banks - but it can help you catch more fish. If you are wading, then this piece of equipment is essential to keep you warm and dry.

With all of these things you’ll be set up to start fly fishing in no time. There are some additional items that you may want to buy, but they’re optional. When it comes down to the essentials, this is all you need.

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