Essential Items and Rules for a Family Camping Trip

You've picked out the date and the perfect family camping weekend. An outdoor adventure awaits you and your loved ones, and you are sure that you will share some valuable and important life lessons! Camping with your kids, depending on how old they are, can be a tricky thing! With this in mind, we wanted to compile a small guide on how this family vacation goes perfectly and what are all the things that you need to think of!

A list is an essential part of every camping trip, and we suggest that you check your list twice! Some of the items that should be on the list of camping gears for family outing are:

  • Tent and tent stakes
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping chairs and a table
  • Pillows
  • Headlamps and flashlights
  • Toiletries including toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and enough toilet paper and wet wipes
  • Drinking water if there are no sources close by
  • Ready to eat meals and snacks
  • Multiple matches or lighters
  • A first aid kit
  • A good pocket knife

We listed the most ten essential things, in our opinion! Of course, your situation will vary from season to location!

In hot weather, we absolutely suggest bringing items like:

Some items that are needed if you're planning to camp in the winter:

  • Extra warm clothes
  • Thermal underwear and socks
  • Thermoses

It's important to realize that you need to create hard rules and watch your loved ones close. We suggest setting a rule of two, so if at any moment in the wild, you should be sure that if the other person gets hurt, the other can help them. Establishing a perimeter with boundaries with exact spots in the environment can be a smart idea.

What lessons to teach your children while camping?

It would help if you taught your kids that they should try to be careful enough in their surroundings. Teaching them what is poison ivy too, that they should not eat something they find in the woods is very important. Informing them that if they leave food in their tents can lead to dangerous situations, like bears or other animals coming to their tents may seem silly at first, but it can prove very important down the line.

Making noise while they are on the trail and not leaving the trail are also critical things. You could and should give your little ones a whistle or a bell so you could find them in the woods or on the trail.

Especially in the sunset or in the rain, it can be easy to get lost. Touching any wild animals is a big no, as even the cute ones can have sharp fangs or claws that hurt your loved ones. These animals can also carry diseases, so be sure to tell that to your little ones.

Fire safety is also essential. You and your family need to be aware of how dangerous fire can be and how fast it can spread, especially in the dry season. Light won't endanger just your family but the life of the whole forest or area!

Most important of all, you need to communicate with your kids and be sure that they understand all the rules and why you are doing something in the way that you're doing it. Teaching them to value nature and their surroundings can and will bring them closer to valuable life lessons down the road. Take time and explain all thoroughly and by all means, enjoy your times in nature and have fun together.