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5 Ways to Maintain Your Business Parking Lot

by Editor (editor) , March 06, 2020

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A parking lot is the first impression of your business, so it’s important to maintain it. Keep them the exterior looking its best by following these guidelines.

1. Regular Cleaning

While you might think a clean interior is all that matters, that’s not the case. Sweep the dirt away for a pristine look, as well as to prevent damage from issues like standing water over time that wears away at the surface.

As a business owner, you’ll likely not have time to do this activity yourself, but don’t neglect it. Hire a professional to sweep the asphalt and let you know when they see any problems like cracks.

2. Upgrade the Lighting

If not already done, put in safe and secure parking lot lighting. Determine where to put the fixtures from a reputable provider like, then determine how much and which direction is best for the light.

It’s also good to light the surrounding area, such as a stairwell that leads to your office. Lighting is an affordable and effective safety measure, so don’t forget about it. Besides, people will be less likely to approach your building if the attached lot is a dark place to walk.

3. Repaint the Stripes

The stall stripes look great with a fresh coat of paint. If they wear off, which happens over time, then it’s tough for customers to see where to park, which can lead to accidents. Another problem can be irregular traffic flow as drivers don’t know where to go.

Ask around for a professional who understands how to measure and calculate the lines. They can also offer suggestions on how to maximize the space with the best layout. Additional features for the best parking lot are directional arrows, word stencils, and stop bars.

4. Sealcoat the Lot

Preventative maintenance is essential. Smoother pavements can extend the lifespan of pavement; smooth pavement can outlast a rough oneby 10-25%, which means fewer upkeep costs.

Furthermore, most customers appreciate smooth surfaces as they don’t want to damage their tires or suspension getting to your business. Sealcoat the surface every few years to prevent erosion that occurs over time.

5. Repair Potholes

The potholes are an eyesore that makes your business look bad, so don’t ignore them. Plus, they collect water and can become bigger over time.

They’re likely less costly to repair than you originally thought, thankfully. Plus, look at the repair as part of looking after your investment, just as you would repair your home’s roof, if needed.

Maintenance for Your Parking Lot

Another important reason for the upkeep of your business parking lot is to safeguard against injuries. If someone or their vehicle is injured because you have not maintained the lot, then you risk being sued by the injured person. Limit any risks of liability or safety problems by acting now to preserve the area.

How often you do each of the above activities depends on how busy is the lot. Ask around for referrals for trustworthy contractors who use top-quality materials to ensure the job is done right.

Ultimately, the parking lot upkeep is another way toimprove your business. Continue to grow and maintain, and you are sure to see an increase in customer loyalty.

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