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Cutting Business Transportation Costs

by Editor (editor) , February 12, 2020

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Learning to grow your business effectively is about understanding where your finances are best kept. A business that doesn't have much money needs to figure out ways to cut financial corners without compromising the business. In the logistics industry, especially when it comes to transportation costs, learning to cut these corners is a massive stress. But there are three main ways to help you cut business transportation costs that can support you to develop the business in other ways.

Prioritizing Your Shipping Supplier

Choosing your shipping supplier means you'll end up having a good working relationship that should last over time. You may be looking for the best intermodal shipping rates or looking for the cheapest LTL freights but once you find the right supplier you will be able to have more wiggle room. If you have problems at the end of the month when you are waiting for clients to pay you, this could be a saving grace. Finding the right shipping supplier can give you a grace period if you are struggling.

Automating Processes

One of the most important aspects of any modern business is automation. And there are so many manual processes that can benefit from being automated. Digitizing inbound and outbound logistics processes will help any leader to manage their business effectively. It also makes the business far more efficient. For example, when processing orders it becomes a far less disorganized operation. Streamlining operations helps save everybody time and money. But the most alluring reason people automate processes is that it allows existing staff to work on other projects. If you've had to downsize in recent years your team could feel stretched to their limits. By automating manual processes, especially those that don't require engagement by an actual person means that the business is operating by itself to a certain extent.

Being Proactive With Sales Forecasts

One of the best ways to anticipate supply and demand is to begin sales forecasting. In the logistics industry, sharing forecasts gives people on the frontline a better idea of when physical trucks are needed. There are excessive costs for overnight services and couriers to meet customer demand. By being more transparent with your carrier they can make the decision if a certain truck is needed. Transparency is crucial in every aspect of business and if you can start to entrust others with important information like sales forecasting, not only will they be able to make better financial decisions but they will also be able to suggest what can work better. It's important that we listen to our employees on occasion rather than just dictating the rules to them.

Transportation costs are the bane of many businesses. Small businesses can struggle to acquire the relevant finances to cover this one aspect. And when any company is looking to expand their operations further out or improve processes, cutting transportation costs can work in so many ways. As companies expand there is more demand placed on the logistics component. This means that we have to figure out ways to cut costs across the board but the transportation aspect is definitely a good place to begin.

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