4 Contaminants That Could Be Lurking in Your Air Ducts

Many people assume that the filters that are part of their home heating and cooling systems will keep the air ducts clean. That’s not true at home or in a commercial building. While the filters do capture quite a bit, all sorts of contaminants can build up over time. The only real solution is to have Comfort Clean residential & commercial duct cleaning company come out and remove whatever residue is lurking in the duct system. Here are four examples of what may be in there right now.


Mold is a type of fungus that developed in damp areas. While you may think that this is something only found in the basement or in the attic, the fact is that your duct system is a great place for mold to develop. That’s especially true if the weather has been especially humid.

Why is mold such a bad thing to have in the duct system? As the forced air travels over the mold, some of the spores break away and flow out the vents and into the air that you breathe. If someone in the home suffers with allergies, those spores can trigger a lot of respiratory issues. Even if you don’t have allergies, you might find yourself sneezing and coughing more often. A thorough duct cleaning will get rid of the mold and improve the air quality.

Pet Dander

You love their pets and they are not going anywhere. Even as you dust and vacuum to get up the shed pet hair, it’s important to think about the pet dander that ends up in the air ducts. Along with being a hazard for your health, the dander can also make the house smell stale. Have the ducts cleaned and the problems will go away.


Dust can also end up in the system. As the forced air moves over it, the dust emerges from the vents and into the air. Along with settling on the surfaces you just dusted, that dust can also irritate the eyes and the throat. Having the ducts cleaned will ease all these difficulties.

The Remnants of Household Pests

This is one that many people never consider. If you’ve had some sort of pest infestation and the home now seems to be free of the vermin, there could be one place where some of the remnants are still found. That’s in your heating and cooling ducts.

From ants to mice and other pests, some of them could have gotten as far as the duct system before expiring. That means you have tiny carcasses rotting away in the vent system. The only way the issue will get any better is to call a professional and have those ducts cleaned.

The bottom line is that residential and commercial duct cleaning should be an integral ingredient in your efforts to keep the home or other structure in top shape. Along with making the space more pleasant to occupy, those cleanings will go a long way toward protecting your health. If you can’t remember the last time that the ducts were cleaned, take that as your cue to call a cleaning service today.