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How to Choose the Best IAS Academy in Delhi?

by Editor (editor) , January 13, 2020

Finding the best IAS academy in Delhi is an activity that leaves most of the IAS aspirants highly perplexed. As huge crowds of the IAS aspirants rush to Delhi year after year to prepare for the IAS Exam, it’s no wonder that a number of IAS academies have almost mushroomed like anything all over the capital.

Besides, as each IAS coaching institution claims itself to be the best, it gets even more confusing for the IAS aspirants to find the best. And the point to be noted is that you would like to join none but the best of the cadres, and that is IAS. So how can you think of getting yourself enrolled in a coaching institution that fails to coach in the best manner?

Tips to Choose the Best IAS Academy in Delhi

Choosing the best IAS coaching academy in Delhi is highly confusing in itself, first of all. Besides, what adds up to the perplexity further to a highly great extent is that most of the IAS aspirants come to the capital from the entire country only in order to prepare for the IAS Exam.

With their families and all the kith and kin left at their native towns, the multitudes of the aspirants find it difficult to seek advice from a reliable source. Most of the times, they end up getting themselves enrolled in the IAS coaching academies that are nothing more than money minting machineries.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best IAS coaching academy in Delhi:

  1. The current achievements of the academy: Has the academy been able to produce the successful candidates who clear the Civil Services Exam successfully at the present times? If yes, how many of them have been able to join IAS? If the reply is a heartening one, it surely implies that the quality of the coaching provided by the academy is up to the mark. Otherwise, it’s advisable to look for an IAS coaching institution elsewhere.
  2. The faculty members: It’s advisable to find if the faculty members have considerable experience of coaching the IAS aspirants. Do they have a strong hold over various topics, subjects and the Papers the students would be required to prepare for in order to clear the IAS Exam with a great score? Besides, do the faculty members update their teaching methodologies as and when required in order to equip their students well so that they can clear the IAS Exam at the first attempt itself? Unless and until you get an affirmative reply to all of these queries, it would be simply futile to join an IAS coaching institution.
  3. Study Material: The study material provided by the Coaching institution should be thoroughly as per the requirements of the UPSC syllabus. All that is prescribed by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam should be included in the study material.

However, there is no scope for any diversion, howsoever interesting it might seem to be. You are an IAS aspirant and your time is highly precious. Thus the study material should be strictly based on the syllabus, without any diversion even in the least.

  1. Test Series: The test series should be designed in a manner that they help you assess your preparation by making you answer questions based on almost all of the topics and/or subjects as per the UPSC syllabus for various Papers of the Civil Services Exam. Besides, in case there is any change in the CSE pattern, the test series should take that also into account.

Also, the IAS coaching institution should provide the time frame and environment identical to that provided by UPSC during the Civil Services Exam. If the students answer the test series under the same conditions, they would be better equipped to face the IAS Exam later. It will also add up to the confidence of the candidates a great deal for they will get a knack of recalling the information and answering the Paper with greater accuracy.

  1. Mock Interview Sessions: Though it’s excellent to be coached in a flawlessly competent manner so that you qualify the Prelims and clear the Mains at the very first of the attempts, you can’t even think of joining the Indian Administrative Services unless and until you clear the IAS Interview questions(these are framed to evaluate candidates’ personality). Thus, it’s best to join coaching institution that provides you with the Mock Interview Sessions as well. It will help you face the UPSC Interview Board with a greater confidence.

Moreover, preparation for the Interview must not be taken lightly on any account. If you fail in the Interview, you simply fail in the Civil services Exam. And all your efforts to clear the Prelims and the Mains would also turn futile.

Thus, needless to say, an IAS coaching institution that does not provide its students with flawlessly competent mock Interview sessions is equipping the candidates only partially. And an incomplete preparation would not help you compete well in order to clear the CSE and score high enough to join the Indian Administrative Services.

Finally, it would be in the best of your own interests that you take the decision for yourself. There is absolutely no point in joining the same IAS coaching academy that your friends do. It’s you who has to prepare for the IAS Exam. You might be having your own unique requirements as well. You might like to opt for Hindi as the medium of coaching. You might think of saving the time involved in travelling by choosing an institution that is near your accommodation.

You might like to opt for a coaching institution where a specific Optional Subject is being taught with great expertise. You might prefer to choose an IAS coaching academy for its exceptionally flawless study material and highly competent test series. Thus, it’s best that you decide for yourself. Allowing yourself to be influenced by the peer pressure might result in more harm than good! So consider all and decide reasonably.

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