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Want to Transform Your Life in 12 Months?

by Editor (editor) , December 20, 2019

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One year is a good chunk of time to be able to set some goals and work hard at them, but you might be wondering how much can you really do in this space of time, is it long enough to genuinely change your life for the better?

Improve Your Health

If you've been living an unhealthy lifestyle for some time, then you might not even realise how unwell you feel until you start making changes for the better. Within a few months you could have a whole new lease on life- start eating a clean diet, cutting out processed foods and those high in saturated fat, salt and sugar. Begin a new exercise routine, even if it's as simple as walking your dog. Ideally, you will find something you enjoy, so it doesn't feel like a chore- low impact exercises like swimming and yoga are useful if you've been out of shape for a while. Quit smoking, visit an alcohol detox center if you're struggling with addiction, and consider speaking to a doctor about any mental health issues you've been suffering with.

Get a Pet

People that say pets are 'just animals' must have never owned one. Just because they don't speak our language doesn't mean they don't love and understand us. Having your pet there every day to come home to also provides a certain stability and comfort, and the health benefits of owning a pet have been well documented. Stroking an animal like a dog or cat reduces blood pressure and anxiety, and can even boost immunity. Having a pet can also encourage you to be more active too as you have to get up to walk feed and play with them. Not only would rescuing an animal improve their life, but your own too.

Change Career

If you don't enjoy your job then you're never going to have a happy life, since we spend so much of our time in the workplace. The thought of changing careers can seem daunting, and most people are put off having to go back to university or spend years studying or training again. However, changing career can be scary but it could be the best thing you ever do. Set some new goals, then come up with a plan on how you'll go about achieving them. You might need to first study an online course, or do some voluntary work.


Speaking on voluntary work, not only is this something that looks great on your CV, but it can also improve your life as a person too. Along with volunteering at a company for work experience, how about also doing an hour a week at your local soup kitchen or spend time helping out at your local nursing home, animal shelter or children's hospital? This can help you to feel humble and truly appreciate all that you have as you get to help others, which is good for the soul.

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