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How to run an online store successfully? Tips for beginners

by Trent456 (writer), , December 17, 2019

Setting up an online store is the one thing, but the other is maintaining this and as you probably know, not everybody can do it. If you have your own store you know that it requires constant action, decision making and entering on new, unknown field. Do you wondering what to do to stay on the market and how build a stable position? This article shows you few proven ways to run an online store successfully.

1. Limit the available products

Sound ridiculously? Maybe, but think about it. If you see too much options of really similar product you don’t know which of it you should choose. You are disoriented and you want to get away as far as possible. I'm exaggerating a little, but you have to know that sometimes more means less. To deal with it, just analyse which products customers buy most frequently and propose them it. Eliminate the rest from the offer and you will avoid customers inaction. Chatbot maker will be really helpful in it. You can ask your customers about their preferences by short interviews. Then you’ll be sure with your choice.

2. Use video to present the product

Buyers like products with pretty package. The same thing is with the way of presentation. It can make customers aware of high quality and pay attention to details. It also stimulates all senses, so it’s easier for customers to imagine products in their hand and convince them to make a purchase. Secondly, it’s easier for customers to watch short clip than read few lines of text. Video with user reviews or expert statements mean a lot for them.

3. Use cross sell and up sell

Cross sell is about suggest added products connected with those chosen by customer. Up sell means offering more expensive and better product than that, which customer is interested in. Experiment with it and check how it works in your store. But don’t do it too often, because it can be annoying.

4. Make them like you

Trust and credibility are keys to online shopping. Think how to increase these two things in your store. For customers most important are opinions other buyers, cash on delivery and ability to easy return products. If you don’t have it on your website, analyse how to implement it. Online store should avoid secrets about localisation and other basic company information. Good idea is to use a chatbot maker and create your own bot. It allows increase loyalty and engagement on your Facebook page and make a quick redirection on your website if any of present products appeal to the customer.

5. Prevent abandoning the basket

It’s happening nearly always when buyers don’t know how much cost the delivery and the price is bigger than they think. Apart of it customers resign because they can’t choose different option of payment than online. Some had bad experience with it and prefer pay during package delivery. Give customers the option of paying on delivery and you’ll gain additional users.

As a store owner and entrepreneur, you should be a customer of many other stores, observe effective solutions and duplicate it in your business and also eliminate those that don’t work. Check how to chatbot maker can helps you and use it to improve a relation with your customers. It’s the most important because then they can ignore your shortcomings - as you know sometimes it just happens and better for you if they like you.

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