Building a Successful Online Brand in 3 Steps

When you picture a brand, what comes to your mind? Perhaps it’s the iconic logo, or it might even be the director or CEO who is often on advertisements? Whatever you see, building a brand isn’t an easy job. However, it used to be a lot more difficult than it is now with the availability of marketing and online resources. Building a successful brand online can happen in as little as 3 steps. The likes of expert digital marketing agencies can save you time if you don’t think there is enough hours in the day but you still have to understand why you’re building an online presence that will stay for years into the future.

Your branding is important for many reasons, it is a crucial part of establishing yourself in a huge overcrowded market of endless services and products. If you have a great idea, this has to be reflected in the branding so that people understand the message behind what you’re all about. You could offer something truly amazing but that doesn’t always translate to sales if you don’t have the right branding to support it. Plus, a brand is much more than just a logo and a slogan – it’s about your identity online. The internet is a large place and people will be talking about your brand or company, no matter how big or small you are, it’s essential to build a strong and solid strategy online so that your brand becomes known.

Do you want to know how to build a successful online brand in 3 quick steps? Keep reading below! Just keep in mind that there are many other smaller steps to get to your goal, these larger steps are just outlining how easy it can be done with some thought.

1.Create a mission and relate to your customers

Every business should have a mission statement, not a slogan or a motto – it’s something that states what you hope to do. With this in mind, every aspect of your company should reflect this. In a sense, your brand mission statement doesn’t answer what but the why? Why are you selling a product or service and why did it happen in the first place? Ask yourself these vital questions when planning your online brand, relate to any current customers and what they think your brand is about and before you know it, you’ll have easily thought of something. As an example, Google’s mission statement is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

2.Craft an online presence

This may start with a logo, while you’re a lot more than just your simple logo – it’s also still important. Some of the most widely known shapes and symbols are logos and it’s often the first thing that is associated with a brand. Creating a logo isn’t difficult either if you’re willing to flex your creative muscles. There is no need for a designer here, if you’re someone who considers themselves to have a few creative bones then there is no doubt you will be able to create a great looking logo. Our advice would be to ensure its sleek and clean, those who have complicated logos often don’t become the most noted within their industries.

3.Expand your brand

After these steps have completed, it’s time to build up your brand online – start showing people what you’re really about. By this point you should have already built up your concepts and ideas and put them into one place, it’s now time to fully define who your brand is and start building it out further and get people clicking on your website. Get on social media and make sure your brand has channels – having a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can make your followers engaged and allow your brand to seem approachable if needed.