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Career Choices Which Make A Difference To Peoples’ Lives For The Better

by Editor (editor), , December 17, 2019

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Many people seek out a great career which to them, means a big salary, an impressive title, and working in a modern tall building in the middle of the city center. However, for many others, a great career means making a difference in people's lives and doing something worthwhile every day. There are plenty of jobs in education, and there are different options when it comes to medical careers or the emergency services, but there are also things you could do which might not have ever considered, and they could be making a difference to the whole world.

A Scientist

It doesn't have to be helping people directly, but being a scientist does help people and can make a huge difference to a lot of people's lives. As a scientist, you could be protecting the environment in developing new drugs to ensuring that products, foods, and industrial processes are safe.

A Lawyer

While many people think of lawyers who work directly with their clients and help them when it comes to criminal defense and representing them when they are in trouble, there are many other types of lawyer who help a lot of people. For example, a DACA Attorney or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals attorney is someone who works for the federal program that grants delayed removal action for immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children. There are many vulnerable people who need help from a lawyer, not just people who are accused of a crime. Children, the elderly, and many others need protecting, and becoming a lawyer can really help a lot of people and make a difference to the world.

An Engineer

Working as an engineer can really benefit the public; for example, if it wasn't for engineers, we wouldn't have clean water, renewable energy, or buildings that are warm, light, and safe.

The Armed Forces

Working for your country and helping to keep your country protected is a very noble thing to do, and within the forces, there are many different specialist roles that you could do.

Working In Finance

If you have the skills to work in finance, then, of course, there are tonnes of opportunities to be making more money for rich people. However, there are also jobs in the charity or public sector body managing finances. You could get a job with an accountancy firm to audit these organizations and check that everything is above board, and the people in need are getting what they should be.

Information Technology

In today's world, we need more and more people to be working in IT and to be protecting people with cybersecurity or just as above; you could work in IT for a charity or public sector employer to support its work and make all the difference.

Social Worker

Being a social worker can be very rewarding. You could be helping elderly people, adults with mental health issues, or adults with learning difficulties, or working with children in care or families in which there are child protection concerns. There are a number of roles within social work, so it is a very interesting industry to work in, and no matter what experience you qualifications you have, you will find something that will suit you if this is the kind of thing you really want to do.

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