Gen Z Your Business To The Next Level

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Every manager has different criteria when it comes to employment, but many implement a need for experience, which typically comes with age. However, while experienced, older team members are undoubtedly beneficial in their way, younger generations also have a lot to bring to the table. While they may not have years of experience behind them, millennials and gen zers do still bring plenty of business benefits to the table, and not least because they demand lower pay points.

With millennials already accounting for 50% of the US workforce, and gen zers expected to account for 36% by 2020, this is a trend you’ll want to get on top with sooner rather than later.

Luckily, there are now many ways to appeal to younger employees, including online applications and an on demand video interview process. And, the moment you get younger applicants looking your way, you can begin to enjoy benefits such as -

A new perspective on a modern audience

It isn’t just our workforces that are experiencing these younger generation influxes. Our consumers, too, are younger than ever. This is why around 90% of businesses now use social media, and it’s a reason to bring younger team members onboard. No one can understand or bring perspective on a generation better than members of said generation. While your baby boomer team members can research and study millennial behaviors, they’ll never bring the perspective as a millennial employee could. In this respect, employing younger individuals could help you to stay at the cutting edge of the market, and always appeal to the next big consumer group.

With gen zers, in particular, you also open your company to a new chapter of successful technology adoption. No one knows computers and tech better than those who grew up using them. While your baby boomers may need tech training courses, a gen zer could probably work out any tech interface by exploration alone. You may even find that they start to inform you This is invaluable and, when paired with the cost-saving benefits of lacking experience, it could be a sure way forward.

The ability to adapt

Rather than seeing a lack of experience as negative, it’s also worth considering younger employees as blank sheets of adaptability. Experience has its place in any business, but it can also make for stubborn colleagues who already know how they like to do things. By comparison, gen zers and millennials who don’t have much experience in the workplace will be ready and waiting to learn exactly how you want to do things. They won’t bring any prejudice or preexisting ideas about how things ‘should be’, and that can make for a tailor-made workspace that runs precisely how you want it.

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Ultimately, a wide range of ages is the ideal goal across your workplace, but younger employees offer many more benefits than you might know. Sooner rather than later, you need to realize this and change your employment processes to fill that gap in your company.