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Why You Should Try Before You Buy

by Editor (editor) , December 03, 2019

With what seems like an ever-growing number of products on the market, it has become harder for consumers to choose, or ‘make the right choice.’ Whether it’s goods in stores or services, selecting the right option requires some research to make an informed decision.

However, there is another way. Many services and products are now offering samples, free trials, or preliminary consultations, at no cost to the prospective buyer. There isn’t enough time available to seek out and try everything on offer, but sometimes taking up a free opportunity can provide what is needed.

Here are some instances where trying before you buy could help:

Free Advice

There are plenty of times in life where a problem occurs that can only be fixed with the help of an expert. There are also times in life where you could make things easier by taking action but aren’t sure where to begin. These are the ideal opportunities for obtaining free consultations!

When starting a new business, many banks and accountants provide a free consultation regarding the necessary paperwork or tax implications so that an informed decision can be made.

Another prime example is legal advice. Consider using a website to book a consultation, which will help determine whether or not you have a viable case. Just talking to an expert can set one’s mind at ease.

Big Purchases

Manufacturers and sales companies that offer products, and services, for a large amount of money, understand the need for upfront reassurance. That means that, more often than not, they will be advertising things like a free test drive, which gives the user some practical and useful information.

When a free trial isn’t advertised, it should still be something to ask for if more information is required. For example, when thinking of buying a holiday home, talk to the real estate agent about letting you have the keys for a day; with information about what the place is like from morning to night, it should make the sales job that much easier.

Online Shopping

Online retailers discovered that it was quite common for users to be put off from making certain purchases because they wanted to try before buying. Many websites have tackled this with a very simple refund policy, and easy returns procedures. While this adds to the convenience, it doesn’t quite offer the same peace of mind.

Other online stores have taken this a step further. For example, a company that sells glasses offering to send five pairs for the consumer to try before they buy; and Amazon Prime Wardrobe, which only bills customers for the clothing after it has been delivered and they have had a chance to try it on. There are plenty of ‘try before you buy’ programs available online.

In Summary

The popularity of free trials and samples is growing. Seeking out opportunities to experience a service or a product before moving forward can give consumers assurance that their money is being spent in the right place.

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