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High-Profit Food Business Investments

by Editor (editor) , November 30, 2019

Profit! The critical aspect of running any business. Although how you achieve, it differs greatly depending on the industry in which you are working. In fact, in the food industry running a profitable business can be tricky, what with the margins for profit being so small. However, one way to combat this is to choose a type of food business to run that is currently en vogue, and so has the best chance of generating a good income. Three examples of which you can read more about in our post below.

Street food

You will already know that street food is a significant trend in 2019. However, what you may not realize is that this model has great potential to generate profits. This being primarily due to the low overheads and the opportunity to sell multiple units very quickly.

In fact, with the rise of the street food trend, and the use of social media platforms such as Instagram to market them, owning a stand or booth in a busy city can be a profitable endeavour indeed.

Although, it is worth noting that there are a few elements that need to be secure for success to come your way. The first being sufficient footfall past your location to ensure enough people buy your product. You will also need to be mindful of health and safety and hygiene laws, even when cooking in the open air, or serving from a hatch directly onto the street. In fact, even a small slip in this area can be disastrous for your business and ruin all the hard work you have put in building up a following, taking your profits with it.


If street food doesn't appeal, then what about a food franchise? In fact, there are a great many advantages in selecting this type of food business to run. Not least the fact that you will already be positively associated with an established brand. Something that can help you to hit the ground running in terms of getting customers through the door.

Of course, when investing in a franchise, it is absolutely essential to check the numbers and make sure the numbers add up. In fact, looking for franchise opportunities like the ones from who offer a very low royalty rate can have a considerable effect. A situation that can mean the difference between making a healthy profit and lining someone else's pocket with your hard work.

Delivery services

Finally, savvy business people in 2019 are also considering investing in delivery services, either in combination with the models above or as a stand-alone enterprise.

In fact, with the explosion of door-to-door food deliveries offered by companies like UberEats and Deliveroo, getting your products to people's home has never been easier. A topic you can read about in more detail at

Of course, as the customer covers the delivery costs, there are no additional overheads for you. In fact you can run a very lean operation this way because you don't need to pay out for expensive overheads such as prime locations, fancy uniforms for staff and the like. Something that makes this option perfect for those looking for a profitable food business in 2019.

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