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Choosing the correct bra size and maintaining your lingerie

by Editor (editor), , November 09, 2019

Are you having problems finding the right bra size? That's nothing new. Almost 8 out of 10 women are clueless about their bra size or are wearing the wrong bra size. It is because, for years women are not taught to talk on the subject of getting their bra size. Also, they are not allowed to learn ways to measure their size correctly.

Do you resonate with this? Do you at times find something protruding close to the chest the moment you get to see a mirror? If yes, then it's your breasts having a spillover. And that indicates only one thing – that you yet don't have the correct bra size. And chances are you might be wearing the wrong size for years. But that need not happen any further! There are ways in which you get to the correct bra size. To know more, you can check out bra size calculator accurate readings.

Ways to measure your bra size

No one size bra fits every woman. There are women with various breast types, and hence, there are multiple bra types and size. There is something for everyone to search and opt-in for. Also, over the years, your bra size would change because of body changes and hormonal fluctuations. Also, women undergo menopause and get pregnant, which adds to the body changes as well. Hence, other than changing the size, women might find themselves wearing a different type of bra as well. Therefore, several things will determine your bra size.

However, if you have to walk into a shopping mall and buy lingerie today, you need to know the correct size. Here's how to get the right size.

  1. Measure the band size accurately

Band size is crucial in selecting the correct bra size. If you get it wrong, you get uncomfortable. You need to wrap a tape around the chest, where the sits. You can make sure that it is snug, but not very loose or tight. You can choose a round figure to an even number, just in case, the measurement is a fraction or an odd number. For instance, if the measurement is 33.5 or 33, know the size is going to be 34. Also, if your size is 35, you can check out both 34 and 36 bra size, depending on the bra cup size. You need to finalize a number and make a note of it.

  1. Make sure the measure the cup size

Take a tape and wrap it very loosely all around the whole breast part. An easy way out is to measure right at the nipple level, which will provide you with the exact number. You can again round it using the next whole number. Take note of this number as well.

  1. Make use of a bra size calculator

It is something that most women do! You can use the bra size calculator that brands have. Take the cup size you measured, and then subtract it from your band size. You will get a different number in inches, which will correspond to the cup size. Some brands provide an auto bra size calculator, based on your chest and shoulder size. Though sometimes, it is accurate, you can't count totally on that. It is better to measure yourself correctly and opt-in for your bra.

A few essential things you should know

Here are a few crucial factors that you must keep in mind.

  • The numerical aspect of the band size, as well as the alphabetical part of the cup size, is essential. For instance, if you have a 34D size that means your band size is 34 and the cup size is D. As you lose or gain weight, this size may vary.
  • When you measure yourself, its best to not wear a bra, at best, you can wear a non-padded bra or a T-shirt. You need to avert sweaters, jackets, hoodies, or any thick garments. It will not provide you the best bra size.
  • You need to stay very careful and mindful while you get the measurements done. It is more accurate for people who have a big breast size or have drooping boobs. It is always better to get a second opinion and maintain caution. Many times, women have witnessed a difference, which has come in the way of choosing the best bra size.
  • Make sure that you opt-in for a professional fitting! It will enable you to cover all the points discussed above so far. Also, going by the experts' measurements are usually correct when you allow another person to take charge of it. You can ask a lady assistant at a lingerie department to help you with this.

Some essential tips for maintaining good lingerie habits

As they age, women at times get complacent about their body and their other necessities. They don't give adequate attention to their changing bra measurements. And that is why they develop physical discomforts and don’t look good in several dresses. Here are some essential tips that could help:

  • It is necessary to change your bra the moment the elastic becomes too loose. It might give you a free and comfortable fit, but that's not the correct fitting for you. So, if it's been over a year, you should change your bra, get yourself measured and get a new one.
  • Make sure to wash your bra and delicate in a gentle solvent. Cleaning solutions that have excessive strong chemicals often shrink the bra size. It leads to discomfort and breathing unease.
  • Always keep your bra in good condition. Don't let it get muddled with a pile of clothes. When that happens over some time, the elastic gets loose, and the cup area develops wrinkles
  • Choose full bands and bra straps for better comfort.

These are some essential guidelines to measure yourself for the correct bra size. Don't feel to walk up to a lady assistant at a lingerie store and ask for you. There's no shame in having a small or large breast size. The objective is to know the correct size and wear the right bra, to avoid all physical hassles.

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