Event Planning Items: Make Sure You Don’t Miss These Things

Events, their planning, organization, and execution are all very complicated endeavors. There are a gazillion details that go into putting together high quality events, such as badges, name tags, entry passes, permits, communication with attendees — we could, honestly, go on and on if we were to start listing down all the elements and factors that go into the creation of a successful event. Now, it is all well and good till someone forgets something, and then, more often than not, it is all downhill from there.

See, that’s the thing about humans — no matter how experienced one may be in the field, people are bound to forget something at some point. Now, there are far too many novel ways in which one can deal with this, starting with the abundance of advanced tools that will take care of everything for you in this context. However, but an excellent place to start would still be a checklist for the event. And to help you put together one for your business as well, listed below are some of the frequently missed things when it comes to functions.

  1. Communication:
    1. Please make use of an event app to ensure attendees remain engaged and can remain up to date with the latest in the context of the event they are attending.

    2. Do a trial run with the team working on the occasion, say a day or two before D Day, to make sure that everything is in order and that your ability to communicate with your team isn’t impeded by anything.

    3. The ‘day-of’ schedule, which refers to the program the event organizing team is working according to, is as crucial as the schedule for the attendees. So, don’t forget to share it with everyone involved.

  2. Technology:
    1. Software for planning events is decidedly crucial, but it isn’t the only technology one needs. Use the dedicated event app to encourage attendees to post on social media via things like a smart hashtag.

    2. Don’t forget charging stations since attendees need ultimately charged devices so that they can stay connected via the event app, network, post updates to social media, and more.

  3. Logistics:
    1. Make sure you carry an emergency kit comprised of things such as stationery items, over the counter medicines, first aid, and more. Of course, adapt the package based on the nature of the event.

    2. Don’t forget the name tags, because no one wants to have to write down their names. You can use a tool to create legible name tags. It is essential because the cards play a crucial role in enabling attendees to network with others at the event.

It is, by no means, an extensive checklist for event planning — of course, a lot more goes into it. But it does include the most critical and yet the most missed items when it comes to events. So, feel free to add items you deem necessary and then refer to the list to help ensure smooth sailing with the game.