Best Hosting for Wordpress for Beginner

Especially for those who work far from technology and communication, the term of web hosting is something that’s quite complicated to be learnt in time. Well, for those of you who want to determine how to choose the best web hosting, here are some criteria that you should pay attention to.

Here are some tips that can help get a good quality hosting.

1. Check the services offered, whether they suit your needs or not

When choosing a best hosting for wordpress, must make sure the service provider can provide everything needed so that the web can be accessed quickly and smoothly. So it's very important to choose WordPress hosting not only because it's cheap, but also because it offers good quality servers.

The quality of a website is determined by many factors, from the server to the script that is on the web itself. With so many plugins that query the database, it will certainly consume a lot of resources, and the web will run slowly. Sometimes the hosting will suspend your website.

For quality shared hosting, you can run more than one WordPress web with 10 thousand to 14 thousand page views per day per web without problems. It's good, ask beforehand whether their services can accommodate the web with certain plugins and how many page views per day.

2. Make sure the web hoster has a server with access speed that is qualified

After you confirm the facilities and services offered, another thing you need to consider about best hosting for wordpress is how the operating system works. Does the web hoster have capable system access or even including slow. A web is said to have good performance is one that requires losing a few seconds. Having a fast site will make visitors feel at home for long, and does not leave the web with the reason for long loading.

Most internet users nowadays are getting impatient. The point is they prefer the fast-paced one. If the web is accessed slowly, it will be closed and certainly will not want to access it again. Apart from the user side, the importance of the speed of the web is also because at the moment search engines like Google, website speed is also a determining factor in their ranking.

3. Pay attention to the service stability of the website

In addition to the problem of speed of access and system work, another thing that is also very important is making sure the web hosting you use has stable performance, you also need to make sure the website can be accessed without problems. Because the impact is not good, when there are visitors suddenly the website server error appears. Unfortunately, this will you experience if you use hosting that is not quality.

Now that's 3 ways to find the best hosting for wordpress you can put in your reference list. Don't forget to pay attention also to the completeness of service time and security of the web hosting provider.