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The Lone Ranger… Should We Hire Freelancers To Help Start Ou

by Editor (editor) , October 22, 2019

Should we actually hire freelancers when starting out in the big world of business? Or is this a very simple way to sell ourselves short? Let's see if we can answer the question.

When we are trying to build a business and going through the hiring process we can start to think about getting a core team together that benefits the business, but we also to ensure that so they are a good fit, the people need to suit the culture. But sometimes the business takes precedent and that means that we've got to hit deadlines, ensure we are under budget, and so forth. One of the simplest ways to do this is to hire a freelancer. But should we actually hire freelancers when starting out in the big world of business? Or is this a very simple way to sell ourselves short? Let's see if we can answer the question.

How Freelancers Work Wonders

On a very basic business level, freelancers are very popular. Many businesses rely on freelancers to get many little jobs done. As well as this, the hiring process can be pretty straightforward, you can either go through freelance websites or even use Facebook job posts to find the right person. As such, getting a freelancer can be perfect if we have a specific task. And because a freelancer is someone who comes in, does the job, and leaves again, you don't need to offer any additional benefits. Also, taxes can be lower when it comes to hiring freelancers, which is great for you. As well as this, if they don't get on with the job at hand, or they are not a good fit for whatever reason, you can end the contract quickly and without issue. We have to remember that freelancers are, generally, particularly flexible people; if you have a specific budget, and you can only afford a certain freelancer for a specific amount of time, then you can do it! And when it comes to freelancers, they have a specialized skill-set. If you find the right person, especially when it comes to something very particular, they can work wonders for the business.

The Various Issues With Freelancers

Of course, it's not all rosy. While there are many reasons to consider working with freelancers exclusively, this may not always yield the appropriate results. There are specific downsides to hiring a freelancer. From a professional perspective, they are someone who may very well be working for other companies as well as yours. So if you need their focus running at 110% capacity this may not be appropriate. In fact, they may very well be unavailable for certain time periods, especially if you are knee-deep in a project that needed completing yesterday! As such, they may not be as committed to the project. And you can't blame them, especially in comparison to a full-time worker. And if you hire a full-time employee over a freelancer, you also have additional control and can supervise them appropriately, guiding them in the right direction. Freelancers are, by their very nature, free agents.

Can They Benefit Your Business At The Outset?

The question should be: what do you want to achieve? Your business at the very outset may very well rely on you and you alone. If you have numerous plates to spin, freelancers can provide you with that little bit of extra help. Freelancers can take the weight, but only if you pay them appropriately, but this means that you don't necessarily have the same level of commitment. If you want people to be committed to your goals, you have to provide them with the framework in which they can be creative so it benefits the business. At the same time, you are trying to benefit the company, and you may have a specific, rigid approach. And this is something that needs addressing, especially if you think freelancers can do a better job. Freelancers have a very specific skill-set, and so if you need them to do certain jobs, are they going to be able to stay on board with you while you build the business up? It may not be the case. But if you're looking to have people dedicated to your code of ethics and your culture, as well as believing what the business is trying to achieve, a full-time worker is the best option. Naturally, budget is the issue. But when you are looking to hire a full-time worker, it's always important to start slow, and have someone work part-time.

As a company finds its feet, you may very well shun the idea of getting freelancers. But there is a point where you may think that beggars can't be choosers. Hiring a freelancer is not just about having a specific person on board to do a duty, but you are getting a very specific skill-set. But if the business will continue to rely on these skills, is it not better to hire a full-time worker? Or, take that freelancer on full-time? It’s up to you.

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