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Ideas for a Saturday Home Cinema with Friends

by Editor (editor) , October 22, 2019

Movie nights are among those events that you would have to try really hard to make them go wrong.

They are immensely entertaining, they leave room for an abundance of creativity, not to mention that they are also a fantastic bonding experience. And what better day for a movie night than Saturday!? If you are currently planning such an event at your home, here are some ways you could make it impressive in the eyes of your friends.

1 - Make it a marathon movie night

Why not make the joy last even longer by inviting your loved ones to a movie marathon? Marathons are more than welcome on a Saturday night, when everyone has already had a chance to rest from their work-week obligations and responsibilities, and they know that they don’t have to go back to work the next day. It’s even better if both you and all your friends are utter cinephiles and movie-watching is among the most favorite things you'll do together.

Organize a themed movie night

You can turn the Saturday night marathon into a themed event. This is an especially good choice if you and your friends all like the same actor or actress, or crave watching several films of the same genre, or perhaps the same film producer. For example, if you all are fans of Stanley Kubrick, a Kubrick movie marathon will be a chance to brush up on your knowledge of the producer’s famous creations. Just bear in mind that before you settle on something, make sure everyone is a fan, otherwise some people may end up sitting in your home and watching for hours something they strongly dislike.

2 - Diversify your movie night with games

Depending on the movie(s) you decided on for your Saturday night adventure, consider playing some games. You can always think of your own game before the event if you have a knack for such creative challenges. If not, then you can always turn to some old reliables. If all of you are adults, you may feel like playing a drinking game (especially entertaining if you’ve put on a movie where a character has their favorite catchphrase!). Trivia games are also a fine choice if you are surrounded by genuine movie connoisseurs who love to compete over who knows the most about film and film making. Such games are great intro into movie watching as they help get everyone in the right mood.

3 - Install a video projector

If you can’t take your home to the cinema, bring the cinema into your home. Take your movie-watching experience to the next level by setting up a streaming projector in your room. Video projectors (devices which project images onto a specific surface, typically a projection screen) are not just reserved for the movie theater. You can easily make them part of your home as well and give your movie night a touch of refinement. When installing it, though, just make sure you use a reliable projector mount, as you need something highly secure to keep the projector in place.

4 - Costumes are more than welcome

Care to make your gathering even more interesting? Tell your guests that your movie night will not just be that, but also a costume party! If you have previously decided on a specific film or genre, have everyone dress up as characters from that film or the characters typically associated with the given genre. Just think about how much fun there is to have if you are watching a famous musical, for example!? You could even make a playlist consisting of the film’s soundtracks and have it play when you are done watching.

5 - Decorate your home accordingly

A great movie night will not be just about the movie. You can turn it into an amazing experience by paying attention to other aspects and details as well. The way you decorate your home can make everyone feel like they are part of a different reality, that of the movie(s) you are watching, which further contributes to the amount of fun in the room. Also, your guests will certainly know how to appreciate the extra effort you put into making your home feel even more welcoming and magical.

6 - Start a discussion session

After you’ve finished watching the movies, encourage everyone to join in a discussion. Share your impressions and opinions, or even make lists of your top 5(10) best and worst moments, which you can then compare and see if you experienced the given film similarly. Also, you can use that session as an opportunity to find out what other movies your friends would like to see in the future when you invite them to another cinema night, so you can decide more easily.

7 - Have your movie night in your yard

This is another reason why installing a video projector could come in handy. If there’s a lovely star-lit sky waiting for you outside on a pleasant, warm night, organize the event in your yard. Put a few chairs there, some blankets, leave plenty of drinks and snacks around, and everyone will be as happy as a clam.

8 - A pajama movie night

If you are not really in the mood for costumes or even regular, everyday clothes, turn it around. It is night time, so why not turn the event into a pajama movie night? Though it may not be as dynamic as some other ideas, hardly anyone will be able to resist an invitation to something like this. It is simply an excellent way to get everyone to relax even more in the warmth of your home, because let’s face it: who doesn’t enjoy sitting or lying in their PJ’s, watching a good movie while sipping their favorite drink and eating popcorn?

To conclude…

How you will plan this event depends largely on your and your friends’ preferences in movies and types of activities. That is why it's important to take their opinions and personal tastes into account if you want everyone to experience a night they'll remember for years, or even decades.

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