Digital Coupons for CPG Companies: Pros and Cons

Digital coupons fit smack in the middle of two crucial developments in the recent past: First, the growing demand for high quality and seamless mobile experiences. Second, the sustained proliferation of discounts as the most compelling incentives for buyers. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that businesses across all industries now seek to leverage the beneficial phenomenon that is digital coupons.

A study found that 92 percent of shoppers use coupons, and 86 percent of them conceded that digital cards indeed sway on their purchase decisions. Another survey found that a majority of consumers are inclined to use digital coupons. So, yes, they are a fantastic resource. Moreover, while they are resourceful in the context of pretty much every industry in the world today, they are extraordinarily productive resources for CPG companies, for they can tap into the preference for mobile devices and coupons to drive more and better traffic into their stores. However, it is imperative to evaluate their pros as well as cons to ensure that they indeed make sense for your CPG business. So, here’s a list to help simplify that decision for you.


  • No matter the means you use to distribute your digital coupons, including emails, texts, or IRCs (Instant Redeemable Coupons), they have an irresistible quality to them. Digital cards help make sure that customers take note of your offerings and business.
  • While coupons are effective means of attracting attention to all products, the fact remains that they are highly efficacious if you are looking to market a new offering to your consumers. Coupons will help attract customers by boosting sales, which, in turn, help it achieve more and more publicity among your target audience and beyond.
  • The world of CPG products is a very competitive one, and businesses need all the help they can get to ensure that their rivals do not best them in the market. Moreover, digital coupons that offer better deals than your contemporaries help you do just that, giving you a fair shot even in a cut-throat market.


  • Though coupons are undeniably terrific when you are seeking to boost business, one mustn’t forget that they also affect the sales margin of the company after every sale. So, every time a customer buys a product/service with a coupon, the business’ bottom line is impacted.
  • What attracts customers to coupons is the prospect of savings it offers, and some times that need is so compelling that customers don’t buy the desired product without a ticket. That is bound to take a toll on the amount of profit the company can make, even if by a small margin.

See, any tool or technology is bound to be accompanied by its own set of both advantages and disadvantages, and the same holds for digital coupons as well. Also, yet, it is quite evident that a digital coupon app can do wonders for a CPG business, empowering it to tap into a world of new opportunities for growth.