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Software Designed for Our Safety Improves Open Web

by johnkelvin318 (writer) , January 10, 2020

On the open web, there are many dangers. Of course, they are not life-threatening dangers, and instead cyber threats that could negatively affect our lives and confidence. All you need to do is take a look around a few forums or make a couple of web searches with the phrase ‘cyber-attack’. You will find that there are numerous individuals and organizations that have experienced the negatives of utilizing open access to the global network that we all know as the internet.

It is this open access to the internet that puts our devices at risk from cyber-attacks, and it the World Wide Web that fuels most viruses. It is also our activity on the world wide web that makes viruses and hacking so profitable for those that organize one or the other.

Do We Really Understand the Internet?

Many of us do not know much about the internet at all. We have a router that connects us to an unlimited source of information, online shops, and resources. 99.9% of the world connects to what is known as the World Wide Web which is a network on the internet using the HTTP protocol. This is where most virus-attackers find their prey.

However, the WWW is just one network of many. For example, the Dark Web is a network of its own, and there are many other networks out there that do not use HTTP. The internet is the underlying foundation that connects us to a network that transmits data and requests. The networks such as WWW, cryptocurrencies, blockchain ecosystems, and the Dark Web use the internet for connectivity i.e. the internet is made up of highways, roads, and pathways to each destination.

As long as your device is connected to the internet a.k.a. the ‘open web’, then it is at risk from a cryber0attack. The reason you may never have been hacked is that there are literally billions of devices (nodes) on the internet and you have just been lucky enough to avoid any cyber attacker’s attention.

Why Do We Need Software To Protect Us On The Internet?

Our router identifies itself on the internet and so do our devices on what is actually an open network which is a bit of a free for all. As we mentioned, probably the only reason you have not been hacked is that you are essentially a needle in a haystack.

You just haven’t crossed the path of a hacker that sees you as a target yet, and with billions of nodes on the internet, you may be lucky enough never to pique the interest of a hacker. Albeit, are you willing to take the risk?

Here are the risks people take every day when connecting to the internet and WWW:

    ·Not installing anti-virus software, and we mean the paid version!

    ·Not having a safe download zone

    ·Not encrypting your sensitive files

    ·Not using VPN connectivity when you are mobile

Now most people that innocently use the internet use it for the World Wide Web. Getting caught out is going to be extremely unlikely. Let’s take my mother for example. She only uses the web for two things. Emails, information search, and news. That’s about it.

On the other hand, my brother uses the internet for Il corsaro Nero which is torrenting. Now, this is far riskier because some torrents come with viruses, plus he connects his machine to a torrenting network. Luckily he uses VON software to disguise his device via the use of the VPN software’s encryption. Now, this does not mean he is safe by any means. He also needs anti-virus with a safe download zone that will scan the torrents downloaded to ensure they do not have any hidden viruses or malware inside them.

Can you imagine what happens to people that do not take precautions? Viruses spread on their machine because torrent networks also fuel the circulation of virus codes. His device would continuously be connected to the open web on a platform where cyber-attackers are always searching for targets. This is why encrypted connections via VPN and anti-virus software is essential because he is using the internet for an activity that attracts negative attention.

You can see why my mum arguably does not need a VPN or paid anti-virus protections; while my brother 100% needs a paid anti-virus program that deeply scans his downloads and VPN software to protect his activities.

Check your internet habits, do a risk assessment and make sure that your online activities do not expose you to more risk than you should. If you are connecting to routers you do not own in order to access the internet, use a VPN. If you download a lot of files, or stream movies from free movie streaming sites, use a VPN and anti-virus software. Today the hackers and virus coders are becoming increasingly advanced, and although you are just a needle in a haystack so to speak, you certainly do not want to raise a flag to say ‘hey come and get me’.

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