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How to Write an Engaging Exploratory Essay That Wows Everyone

by Editor (editor), , August 07, 2019

Writing an exploratory essay needs more than meets the eye. Read this post to find out all about the tips to master the art of writing an impressive exploratory essay.

Imagine you are a solo backpacker in Europe. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere in Paris, without a map, and very little knowledge of the local language. All you have to guide you along the way are a few fleeting glimpses of the Eiffel Tower as seen from the cobbled alleyways you are lost in.

If I were you, I would explore the alleyways as much as I could to get a better view of the Eiffel Tower, all the while using it to determine the part of the city I might be stuck in.

Viewing the same object (or problem or topic) from various angles is exactly what an exploratory essay does. This post will show you what they are, and how you can master the art of writing one like a pro essay writer.

What is an exploratory essay?

Exploratory essays are objective. Jeremy Reinhart, a scholarly expert at, says, “You can consider them as a world apart from argumentative essays to put that into perspective.”Exploratory essays do not opine on behalf of the writer. Instead, they carefully lay out the facts and perspectives concerning the topic in hand.

It is not the job of an exploratory essay to sway the opinions of the reader. It relays the facts and observations from various points of view. For example, if you are writing about the illegal immigrant problem, then you must take into account government policies, patrolling officers’ records, and immigrants’ point of view on the matter.

How do you select a topic for your exploratory essay?

Since exploratory essays deal with a problem from a few different perspectives, looking at the critical issues in and around your community, nation or society might be a good place to start.

So, how do you know which topic is suitable for exploratory essays? Morgan Frasier, a custom writer, has a few interesting insights:

®A topic or problem that has no solution so far (e.g. outbreak of famine in Third World countries)

®A fact or topic that does not have a straight or apparent solution (e.g. tautology concepts in academic writing)

®A topic with more than one perspective (e.g. reviews of feminist literature)

®A current issue that most people find interesting (e.g. effects of binge-watching shows on Netflix)

®A topic linked to an age-old problem or issue (e.g. persistence of racist practices in sports)

If the topic fulfils the criteria above, then you are good to go.

Bonus tip: exploratory essay topics

The following are a few exploratory essay topics that you can try your hand at for starters.

1.The psychology of winning: how it affects sportspersons

2.Body image issues as seen through history

3.Is college really an opportunity to explore life outside academia?

4.The impact of music therapy on patients battling with mental health issues

5.How do family dynamics change over the years as children grow up?

6.The effects of interracial marriage in modern times

7.When does a regional problem take on global proportions?

8.Impacts of recycling and using eco-friendly products on global warming

9.Do Smartphones really lead to cancer and other critical illnesses?

10.The primary concerns regarding the consumption of genetically modified food

What are the main elements of an exploratory essay?

The main elements of an exploratory essay are no different from any other essay. It too, follows the basic structure of an introduction and body paragraphs, followed by a conclusion.


The introduction should consist of the basic premise of your essay. If you are writing about the atrocities during World War II, then provide a historical background of the war and its casualties in the introductory paragraph of your essay.

?Body paragraphs

The first part of the body paragraphs must contain the rhetorical issue. In this case, you can highlight how writers over the ages have turned to the two Great Wars as their topic of choice.

The second part of the body paragraphs must show the topic from various perspectives. You can include the Axis and Allied war veterans’ justification for the casualties, accounts of soldiers and victims and their families, and literary portrayals for this part of the essay.


Finally, add your personal opinions along with a rousing call to action in the conclusion. When writing about World War II, you can shed light on the number of lives broken apart due to the war in this part.

Quick and handy tips for writing an exploratory essay like a pro

If you are about to write an exploratory essay and do not know where to start, here is a heads-up. Go over the tips below. Keep them in mind when planning, preparing, drafting, and finally, writing your essay.

  • Know how to plan your essay

How well you plan the essay largely determines how well the essay turns out to be. Having an essay schedule to follow will help you be on track of the entire writing process. Similarly, arranging your ideas using a spider diagram will help you keep all the ideas together while establishing a connection between them. The planning stage also involves the research part of your essay. Do not forget to set time aside for research, planning, drafting, writing, revising your essay.

  • Stick to your essay schedule

Frankly, this may seem difficult at first with so much research and writing. However, as you will learn along the way, sticking to the schedule has benefits of its own kind. Nothing quite beats the feeling of wrapping up an essay a day early than planned. From research to editing, do not take up more than the stipulated time mentioned in the essay schedule. Set aside time for breaks or days you take time off from the essay task to help you along the way.

  • Prepare the first draft

The first draft makes it easier for you to compose an essay to perfection. It shows the many ways that you can make your essay a whole lot better. Ensure that you include all the aspects of an exploratory essay in the first draft. You can also give it to a friend or senior and ask for their feedback. This way, you will be able to gauge the areas that require improvement in the later versions.

  • Write like a pro

If you want your exploratory essay to stand out from the rest, you must fine-tune the first draft to perfection. Learn how to chunk up the writing task into manageable portions. Flesh out the body paragraphs, conclude with the right notes, and leave the introduction for the last. This unconventional approach has helped many, and is said to be one of the most effective ways of writing an essay.

  • Revise, edit, repeat

Make sure you do not give this step a miss. If needed, take a few days off after you finish writing the essay. Come back to the editing tasks with a refreshed mind. This way, you can identify the errors a whole lot better. Watch out for the most common mistakes, along with structural and conceptual issues. Never submit your exploratory essay without revising and editing it first.

Summing it up

From selecting a topic to revising it thoroughly, each stage matters when it comes to writing an essay. Churning out perfect essays is no joke. But if you follow the tips discussed in this post, you may be headed in the right direction, after all. Happy writing!

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