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The Best Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioners

by Peter Krence (writer) , August 06, 2019

Here are a few examples of points to remember in order to find the best commercial air conditioning systems and service.

If you’re looking to replace r-22 on Intellipak AC unit or to service your commercial rooftop air conditioning system in any other way, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Here are a few examples of points to remember in order to find the best commercial air conditioning systems and service.

Customer Service Chat

When you’re looking for a new commercial air conditioning system that’s the best of the best, it helps if you go to a site that has customer service options to help you get the best system for your particular situation. It’s just going to work a lot better if you have a live person there to talk you through it. And if there’s a message box for the times that there can’t be a live person, this is often also a big help. This is because you will at least be able to leave your question there quickly and get an answer quickly.


If you need to replace r-22 on Intellipak AC unit, then you’re definitely going to need the help of a company that knows what they’re doing to help you get the best rooftop air conditioners serviced and ready to go. So, what you need to look for is a company like Bluon and others that knows what they’re doing when it comes to R-22 replacement.

R-22 Options

The best companies that help you put together the best rooftop air conditioners will help you with savings on r-22 replacement blends. It also helps if they offer an R-22 that has just about the exact same capacity to R-22 if you need it. You’re going to want it so that the replacement can handle lower temperatures and pressures. It also helps if you don’t have to change the oil.

Help for Contractors

If you need the best commercial AC so that you can help to install it in a client’s rooftop, then it helps to have a website that can help you with this endeavor. Therefore, you’re going to want a site where you can get online accreditation if you need it. This is especially important if you need accreditation in the R-22 replacement blend or tdX20 that you’re going to want to use to make the best commercial air conditioner that you can. Since it’s starting to become more and more necessary to swap out R-22, it makes sense to get accredited before you try locating and installing the best commercial air conditioner for a client.

After all, you’re definitely going to want to know how to do it first. This is also an important aspect of a website where you can find everything you need, such as at Bluon or other similar sites. They can give you the tools for contractors that aid you in your search and installation. This gives you a database of tools that you can use to be more efficient and get everything that you need to get done much faster than normal.

Plus, sites like these can even provide you with some help directly by letting you talk with their own technicians for advice on how to best install and use rooftop air conditioners for commercial purposes. This is important since it always helps to get a second perspective on something even if you actually know a ton about it yourself already. It never hurts to get some extra help, especially for very specialized issues like R-22 replacement for maximizing air conditioning systems and making them compliant for current laws and systems.

Help for Finding and Maintaining Systems

It’s also advantageous if you can find a company with an app, like Bluon and others, that can help you with converting to new systems such as going from R-22 to a different system like TdX 20. This will make it easier when you’re updating an old air conditioning system to newer ones that are the best around.


Another great way to figure out where to go for your air conditioning needs is by checking out the reviews of various places that you are considering. The important thing is to make sure there are at least some negative reviews, because there is no place that’s large enough will have zero negative reviews, and this helps to indicate that the reviews aren’t be artificially created. The next thing you want to ensure is that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and that there are enough of them. If you only have a handful of reviews, this isn’t likely to tell you about how good the air conditioners are at the place in question at all.

If you have all of these characteristics together, then you should be able to get a good idea for which places have what you’re looking for and will accommodate your needs properly. Looking through all of the reviews will also help you determine specifics for your situation. For example, if you need R-22 replacement type air conditioning materials specifically, you can look at the reviews to see what people are saying about it.

Warranties and Extras

Another important thing to look for is that you get everything you need for getting a commercial rooftop air conditioning system the way that you want it. This includes a warranty that makes sure that nothing goes wrong. It also includes companies that send over help to make sure everything is installed and backed up properly. Ideally, it should be largely ready to go out of the package with just a little help with installation. The word for this that are used the most often is “turnkey.”

Overall, if you do your homework and look at enough places, you will be able to settle on the best. The important thing is to not settle, and instead keep going until you find a system and company that has everything you could possibly want in terms of efficiency and other features.

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