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Igor Mazepa – The Man Who Says “Catch Me If You Can

by Editor (editor), , July 23, 2019

Read how Igor Mazepa founded Concorde Capital and where the flagship of the Ukrainian investment market flies today, know about PrivateFX and other frauds of the investment banker.

Igor Mazepa - PrivateFX Founder

Igor Mazepa – Black Lord of the Ukrainian Investment Market

The Ukrainian investment markethas been through a lot of shocks and transformations over the years of independence. World and local crisis, revolutions, changes of vectors of development have resulted in the situation when this sector of the economy has little attraction. However, its flagships manage to keep the power on and to look to the future with the undying optimism.

It deals with the investment company Concorde Capital and its founder Igor Mazepa. It exists since 2014 and it’s immutable despite all the difficulties. What are the key reasons for its success? Is it in the professional features of its top manager or in his ability to build “right” schemes and survive at all costs with any authority?

Fraud or a Successful Businessperson?

Igor Mazepa graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Economies. He also has a legal education and work experience in the investment area since he was 20. It sounds great but actually, a young man started with buying vouchers among the population and companies’ staff on the cheap. Then, he worked as a manager in a solid investing firm but he fell short of the expectations and was fired. So, he was forced to get back to his first boss, although, he got promoted.

2004 was a turning point in Igor Mazepa’s career and biography. He founded his own investment company Concorde Capital. It is said, that he’s is still just a chairperson and other, more serious people that would like to stay in the shadow are the real owners.

This gossip contains the rationale since some moments cast doubt.

  • First, why should Igor Mazepa have risked when investing money into a new company if he made his way quite well – chief executive of an investment company, high salary, and even decent shareholding.
  • Secondly, the foundation of Concorde Capital most strikingly coincided with the Orange Revolution and with the start of a great transformation of ownership.
  • Thirdly, Igor Mazepa with the reputation of a big spender opened a company with a tenuous (in terms of investments) the authorized capital of $50,000 but just in a couple of years, he earned $250,000 on several successful transactions. Even Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would have envied such a triumph.

Just in three months, Concorde Capital became a leading PFTS stock market trader. Igor Mazepa’s company traded with not its own but the investors’ money and their names weren’t named. However, it was obvious that Concorde Capital’s customers became those that are connected with the first Maidan. The unconfirmed reports suggested that one of them was a well-known “Ternopil raider” Vladimir Palihata.

It’s clear that Concorde Capital is owed not all billion dollar profits but just a small percentage that is large money for a banker that had been able to collect just $50,000 for the previous 7 years.

In 2006, Mazepa’s income became larger since he had purchased assets from his partner John Suggitt. The latter opened his own company Dragon Capital. He was not a single shareholder but journalists found plenty of British and Australian among the owners of Concorde Capital. Even the citizen of Hong Kong’s was among them that had bought some of the shares through Cyprus offshore.

Igor Mazepa Left Family for Cult

Large money led Igor Mazepa to a sect. He was fond of ontopsychology, Scientology, and became a member of the Scientologists’ community that has always professed the exclusivity of its pledges and by elevating them over ordinary mortals. Igor Mazepa gained the cult’s ideas so deeply that tried to create his own sect on the base of his staff when have been demanding 24/7 dedication and holding regular training. Besides, he divorced his wife and left her without money.

The Ponzi Scheme’s Failure: PrivateFX – Forex Trend 2.0

In 2015, Igor Mazepa participates in the PrivateFX fraud that belonged to another scam Pavel Krymov. He created short-term projects that brought money 2 or 3 years and then disappeared without any obligations to the investors. His Forex Trend had been working for 5 years and even celebrities promoted it. When it failed, hundreds of investors wanted their money back but Igor Mazepa opened Forex Trend "1+1” and offered to deposit money with the promise to double it. He stopped payouts in 2 years and sold PrivateFX to escape responsibility.

The new election is coming and we might see the odious banker among the new deputies. Verkhovna Rada gives more opportunities to manipulate assets of the Ukrainian enterprises that’s whywork is absolutely piling up here.

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