Why You Should Visit Pamplona, Spain

If you’re globetrotter who lives to enjoy and experience the hidden treasures of the world, then you probably know about Paploma, Spain. Pamplona, the capital city of Spain’s Navarre, ranks among the most popular destinations thanks to its enchanting natural beauty simply brimming with tradition and culture. This well- know walled city that is about an hour away by car from the French border, rests delicately on the banks of the Arga River.

Numerous adventure seekers flock to this city to see and experience the world-famous festival known as the Running of The Bulls. The festival is best viewed by renting a balcony asthe charging bulls electrify the overall atmosphere, injecting thrill and anticipation. Of course, Pamplona, which is home for many more festivals, is also known for its intricate architecture, and stunning parks and gardens.

If Pamplona, Spain is not on your bucket list yet, then it’s time you added it. The enchanting city beckons every type of traveler from around the world, including you. Below are a few reasons why you ought to visit Pamplona, Spain at least once in your life.

The Running of The Bulls

It’s doesn’t take much to figure out why the Running of The Bulls festival is the most loved festival among locals and tourists alike. Celebrated annually, a number of adrenaline-charged bulls storm down the streets of old Pamplona. The cobblestoned streets add to the effect of thundering hooves as the bulls chase a number of individuals through the narrow streets.

The only way to view this and not miss a moment of it is by renting a balcony. Not only do you get to ensure your safety, but you also get to soak in the panoramic views of Pamplona.

The crowd's roar, the bulls bolt down the streets and men with red scarfs around their necks run for their lives. It’s crazy, wild and electrifying. You get to feel and see the intensity of the moment that many people dream to see. Notably, this festival is also characterized by people dancing to traditional music and a lot of feasting on delicious delicacies.

You can either book a private balcony that overlooks the Dead Man’s Corner, Calle Estafeta Calle Mercaderes. Each aforementioned street allows you to view the charging bulls and running men in full action. Be sure to book early, as private balconies tend to sell out fast.

Historical Architecture

Getting to view historical architecture is not only for the appreciation of beauty and the fascination of the ingenuity of the people of old. Historical architecture is the doorway to the past; a method that allows us to appreciate the progress and the rich history of mankind. The architecture found in Pamplona takes people back in time.

From the Monumento a Los Fueros and the Church of San Saturnino to the famous Santa Maria, Pamplona promised wonder. Be sure to visit one of the oldest towns known as La Navarrería as well. You can also view this from the comfort of a private balcony, all at a single glance.

Parks and Gardens

Pamplona is often hailed as one of the top cities in Europe that boasts of stunning gardens and green parks. Admittedly, photos of the said gardens and parks can hardly do them any justice. To get to experience the serenity that comes with walking through their green parks or gardens, you’d have to travel there.

In conclusion, there a number of reasons as to why many individuals opt to visit Pamplona, Spain. However, for most, it would be to experience and see the Running of The Bulls festival. A balcony ensures that you get the best experience and secure optimum safety.

Remember to either book balconies that overlook the following streets: the Dead Man’s Corner, Calle Estafeta Calle Mercaderes. These are the streets the bulls tend to charge through.