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5 Bits Of Information You Must Know Before Buying Used Cars

Five bits of information that you must seek to establish before putting your money down. Take a look.

Getting quick access to information about a vehicle’s specifications and current condition is necessary for every buyer who is exploring online car auctions in Las Vegas or anywhere in the U.S. Whether you want to learn a vehicle’s basic specifications, construction, accident history, and previous ownership, there is no better starting point than a VIN number decoder. Your due diligence counts for naught in the absence of a VIN check when browsing public car auctions. Continuing on the subject, here are five bits of information that you must seek to establish before putting your money down. Take a look.

Basic Information

A 17-digit VIN number helps to decode basic information about a vehicle such as its make and model, trim, and drive type. The code is composed of 3 main sections, the first of which reveals where and by which company the vehicle was manufactured. Digits from 4th to 9th identify the vehicle’s body style, while from the 10th to the 17th reveal information such as the year of manufacture.

Engine and Transmission

Using a VIN number decoder, you can know about a vehicle’s engine specifications, such as fuel quality, displacement, oil capacity, maximum horsepower, and torque, along with its transmission type and gears. It also helps you know about the maintenance and service history of the vehicle.

Performance Specs

By decoding a vehicle’s VIN, you also get to know whether the standard features, such as the drivetrain and brakes, are in a working condition. It also helps to ascertain the accuracy of the information advertised such as interior and exterior dimensions, seating, weight and capacities, steering, and wheels. You also access accurate information about front and rear tire/wheel diameter and type.

Standard Equipment

VIN decoder also helps to know the condition of the vehicle’s standard equipment, including the audio system, doors, and exterior features such as lights, tires, mirrors, roof, and windows. You also get information on interior features, including AC, seats, suspension, airbags, brakes, and seatbelts.

Safety Features

By using a VIN decoder, you can also get information on whether or not all the safety features are in working condition, including airbags, ABS, brake assist, electronic stability control, daytime running lights, electronic traction control, rollover stability control, and tire pressure monitoring system.

Final Word

When looking to buy a pre-owned car from any public car auction in Las Vegas and anywhere else, don’t settle for the first option you come across. It is advisable to avoid making hasty decisions so you don't end up buying a lemon. Decode a vehicle’s VIN to establish whether or not the car is worth your money. Reputable public car auction websites feature a VIN check facility allowing you to conduct all your business in one place.

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