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Stress-Free Home Buying and Selling in California

by Trent456 (writer), , June 28, 2019

This is a factor for those who are looking to move to an area that has higher housing demand while trying to sell a home in an area that has low demand.

California residents face unique challenges when buying a home. A chronic housing shortage in the state means that those looking to make a move often face competition for available listings. Competition can result in higher house prices if potential buyers make offers over the asking price, and California is already the state with the highest real estate prices in the United States.

These factors are key reasons why those who are planning to move within the state may need to sell their current residence as quickly as possible. Making an offer conditional on the sale of their own home can cost them a deal, should they be unable to sell their own home. This is a factor for those who are looking to move to an area that has higher housing demand while trying to sell a home in an area that has low demand.

Ensuring a fast sale

Sell Quick California negotiates the purchase of your home directly with you. Currently, real estate agents estimate that typical homes are listed for up to 55 days before an offer is made. This means that homeowners can expect their home to be on the market for almost two full months before receiving an offer they accept. Home owners may have many reasons they need to make a move fast. Instead of calling an agent who will need to inspect your home, prepare a listing, agree with you on an asking price, and market the property to buyers, professional home-buying companies will inspect your home and make you an offer.

Saving you money

There are a lot of hidden costs involved in selling a home. Some expenses, such as closing costs, are unavoidable, but there are other expenses that are optional. For example, home owners who work a real estate agent will pay them a percentage of their home’s sale price. The current standard is 6 percent, which means that a house that sells for $300,000 will incur $18,000 in real estate fees. One of the ways that home-buying companies save sellers money is by eliminating the need for a real estate agent. Professional home-buying companies negotiate the sale of your home directly with you so that you don’t incur realtor fees.

Saving you stress

When a home is listed on the market, the sellers may need to vacate the home regularly to allow potential buyers the opportunity to tour the property. In order to sell a home as quickly as possible, the sellers need to make it presentable and accessible which means keeping your home neat and tidy so that potential buyers can see the house. It may also mean vacating the house with only a few hours of notice if an interested buyer wants to schedule a tour. By working with a home-buying company, home owners can avoid spending weeks or months feeling displaced when realtors need to show their home.

Eliminating post-offer headaches

Getting an offer on your home doesn’t mean the stress of selling is over. Buyers almost always have professionals inspect the house after their offer is accepted. The results of the inspection may lead to another round of negotiations on the terms of sale. A home inspector may find evidence of structural damage, plumbing issues, or electrical faults that need to be upgraded, among other problems. The potential buyer may request that you perform repairs at your expense or they may ask for cash back from the amount they have offered for your house. Either way, when a home owner sells their house through a realtor, they often have to cover the cost of home repairs. With a home-buying company, homeowners do not need to worry about repair costs because these companies do not require sellers to have repairs completed as part of their offer.

Cash in hand

Another source of stress for sellers is dealing with loans. A buyer’s loan may not be approved for a number of factors, including required repairs. If a buyer is unable to secure their loan then the seller may go through negotiations and repairs and still end up putting their house back on the market. Professional home-buying companies ensure homeowners can sell their home fast with no need to worry about a loan falling through, as they offer homeowners cash.

Selling a house is no easy task, but in the over-saturated population of California that is currently facing a housing shortage, it becomes much more complicated. As such, it’s no surprise why so many homeowners are selling their homes to home-buying companies. Such companies can help them to sell their home quick, while saving money in the process.

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