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Importance of Customer Service to Increase Business

by Chrish (editor) , June 11, 2019

Continue reading to discover the import role customer service plays in increasing sales to the next level.

Customer service can be defined as support given to prospects after they become a paying customer. However, in today's business landscape, customer service is more accurately the service given to individuals before, during, and after the sales cycle. The overall performance of your customer service team will determine how well you retain and convert customers into repeating customers.

The job of a customer service agent entails meeting the exact desires and needs of a customer. This can be done by providing helpful, professional and high-quality services. Today, most of the giant companies in the world outsource this task in what is commonly referred to as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Continue reading to discover the import role customer service plays in increasing sales to the next level.

How to Promote Sales by Providing Great Customer Service

Dealing with customers is an integral part of every business. You can easily win the heart of a human being by making them feel important. The same rule applies for customers in a business relationship. Making your customers feel important and cared for is the key to creating sales.

First of all, your customer service team should treat all customers with absolute empathy. Secondly, ensure that you collect regular feedback from your customers on agent performance. This can make customers feel like a valued part of the team.

Treating your customers in this manner will make them feel like more than a dollar sign. When customers feel that they are valued members of the group, they will be inspired to renew contracts, purchase more goods, or call you to say hi and then purchase more goods and services.

Your Reputation Truly Matters

Reputation can either boost you, or ruin you. A company’s customer base and sales volume is 100% influenced by their reputation in the community. Excellent customer service will definitely bring repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals by guaranteeing that others speak highly of you .

Reportedly, 95% of complaining customers would come back if their complaints were promptly resolved.

Therefore, firms should develop an easy-to-use feedback system for their customers. This will guarantee that those customers who haven’t voiced their concerns already have an opportunity to share their thoughts. This simple addition to your customer service process will increase your reputation and sales dramatically.

Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors by Requesting Testimonials that You Promote to New Customers

Having an excellent product will catch the attention of buyers. However, having excellent customer service will turn your customers into employees.

Excellent customer service will inspire customers to become brand ambassadors and advertise your product or service within their own personal networks.

Furthermore, satisfied customers will not hesitate to leave testimonials for your business. These testimonials can be used to reassure and bring in an endless supply of new customers.

Use Customer Service As An Opportunity To Upsell Customers

Trust is a key pillar of any strong and long-lasting relationship. Because the customer service team has the trust of your customer, they have the greatest opportunity to drive upselling efforts.

Suggestions from a trusted customer service rep will sound more genuine than coming from your sales team. When a customer calls into to ask a question, or open a support ticket, a subtle upsell strategy will typically result in a 3%-5% conversion rate across the board.

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