The Biblical Clock

In my new book "The Biblical Clock " I provide readers with more congruence between the two bodies of knowledge, Science and Religion. Readers are given a deeper understanding of our origins and our future. This book is just a step in that process.

I found that almost every person has at some point in their life pondered the question, “Where did I come from and how did I get here?” Climate change has left many worried about our future.

My book demonstrates the resolution between science and scripture with respect to the timing of the formation of the universe and the appearance of life on Earth. Once reconciliation has been reached, my book shows an approach to understanding our future advance toward the End of Days.

This book includes research from my 3 prior books. In total, 10 years of work. Specific additions for just this book took a further 2 years.

The book has excellent coverage of the biblical position. In short, the bible contains the structure of the divine plan for history. We have experienced and documented 1000’s of years of history. When we place actual historical events on the divine structure, a pattern immediately emerges. Once we know the pattern, we can make sense of the prophetic writings and glimpse at what’s next.

Is the End of Days soon? Yes, it’s a process that will take time, but with the aid of this book, one can see the early events already.

My predictions of the future End of Days differ from other scientists such as Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. How they are similar is with Isaac Newton’s prediction; my date and his are very similar. Both are based on the scriptures. But he predicts a single date. He’s not been clear on what part of the End of Days it relates to. I show a whole sequence of events and their approximate dates. Hawking didn’t talk about End of Days, just trends of the future.

At no time is it my intention to discredit any body of knowledge or any particular religious belief. On the contrary, my thesis is that scientific texts and the Bible complement each other in describing the development of our universe and that the Bible and history can be combined to glimpse the future that will unfold for our species.

This book is for teens and adults. It’s for a general audience. Anybody with an interest, no prior scientific or biblical training required.

Daniel Friedmann is presently Chairman of the Board of Carbon Engineering. A company dedicated to removing CO2 from the air to reduce climate change. He has a master's in engineering physics and 30 years' experience in the space industry. He is also a longtime student of cosmology and religion.